Shanghai Oxford & Cambridge Society - Shanghai Oxbridge Impact Initiative Continues

Following on from the successful launch of our Impact Initiatives project in Shanghai in April, our group has recently undertaken two more initiatives and the results have been phenomenal!

Our Learning with Impact Initiative was launched in April when we taught English to a group of 31 migrant workers children in the Jinshan district of Shanghai. The goal of the initiative is to use the simplest ideas to create the maximum amount of impact.

We have since launched our Movies with Impact initiative with local non-governmental organisation Included. The organisation works closely with local migrant children whose family came to Shanghai in search for better opportunities, to provide them with extracurricular activities and other academic support.

Often these children never fully adapt to city life because they function within the same area in which they reside, which is populated with other children in a similar position to themselves, thus creating a vicious circle. Our partnership with Included aims to provide these children with a new set of perspectives and inspirations via pre-selected movies. 

We also undertook another Learning with Impact Initiative with the same Jinshan district school that we worked with initially in April. The number of students that participated this time increased by 50% to 40.

Our goal was to still teach English to these students but in a non-traditional way. Instead of doing a skit like last time, we broke the students into eight small groups and had our volunteers teach their respective students the list of words that we came up with in advance. Afterwards, we played Charades using those words. In order to win a point, the students not only had to act out the words correctly, they also needed to also spell them. Everyone had a fantastic time. 

Movies with Impact and Learning with Impact are two very simple ideas that are having a great impact on these children in their learning and development and this is precisely the reason why my fellow Oxonian Jenny Tang and I started this project. Stay tuned for more activities from us and we challenge you to do the same as well!

Steven Luk – President, Shanghai Oxford & Cambridge Society