Tomorrow's future depends on today's children

It all started when my partner, Jenny Tang, a fellow Oxonian, and I took a personal trip to Sri Lanka. We were planning to explore the country and its culture with the help of a local guide but - given both of our interests in social work and having heard that Sri Lanka has a large number of orphanages - we arranged two orphanages visits and decided to make the trip half-leisure and half-social.

Jenny rounded up her family and friends to come up with two full boxes of toys, while I arranged for local donations and food delivery. When we arrived, all the children faces lighted up with a huge smile upon seeing the boxes of toys we have prepared for them. 

We then discussed what more we could do for the children instead of providing them with just a one-off joyful day. That's when it struck us that these children need something more than just materials. What these children need are motivation, inspiration, and hope; hope that they can leave the orphanage and accomplish amazing feats in their lives. As such, our "With Impact Initiatives" was born. 

"With Impact Initiatives" operate on a very simple belief in using the simplest things to create the maximum amount of impact. The idea is that everyone and anyone can create an impact in our society. Our initial target for the project is left-behind children. On April 18, we officially launched this initiative in the JinShan District of Shanghai with the help of four other Oxbridge alumni. We taught English to a group of 31 migrant workers children, but the way we did it was anything but ordinary.

The feedback for the event was phenomenal and we are planning a series of "With Impact Initiatives" that we will launch in Shanghai. Please stay tuned for more of our work and support us by starting your own "With Impact Initiative".

Steven Luk, President – Shanghai Oxford & Cambridge Society