US election
Alumni Weekend: The 2016 US general election

Gerard Baker (Corpus Christi) asks 'will Clinton be trumped?' - 4.15pm, Saturday 17 September

Maximum Security Book Club
The maximum security book club

English Literature alumna Mikita Brottman on bringing a book club to the inmates of a maximum-security prison

Baroness Shephard
Alumni Voices - Baroness Shephard of Northwold (St Hilda’s, 1958)

Politician and chair of the Alumni Board discusses uncertainty in British politics and the transformative nature of an Oxford education

Geisha - The Art and Culture of Japan
Apprentice geisha

Apprentice Geisha (Shutterstock/KPG_Payless)

The Art and Culture of Japan

Examine the country's fascinating cultural heritage, 9-23 October 2016