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Past authors

January 2017

Dina Gold Stolen Legacy

Dina Gold (Corpus Christi College, 1975)

Editor and journalist Dina Gold has published an updated and expanded chronicle of her Jewish family's legal battle to successfully reclaim a building which was seized from them by the Nazis in the 1930s.  “Sometimes life is stranger than fiction…an extraordinary story.” - The Guardian

In 1990, shortly after the fall of the Berlin Wall, Dina Gold marched into a German government ministry, close to Checkpoint Charlie, and declared, "I’ve come to claim my family’s building." And so began Gold’s legal struggle as recounted in her book STOLEN LEGACY: Nazi Theft and The Quest for Justice at Krausenstrasse 17/18, Berlin.

Dina Gold has an M Litt in Social Anthropology and was the first woman to graduate from Corpus Christi College since its foundation in 1517.  She lives in Washington DC.

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February 2017

Rob Minto (St John's College, 1993)

Journalist Rob Minto ( has been obsessed about sport and statistics for many years.  He has worked at the Financial Times for over twelve years and has recently published his first book, Sports Geek: a visual tour of sporting myths, debate and data. 

Sport revolves around two things: narrative and numbers. You need the narrative, otherwise why would anyone care about sport? Rivalries, emotions, and sporting legends all require it. But sport also needs numbers. Without them, we have no idea who has won. We need numbers to tell which team is top of the table, or who is the world champion. Sports Geek is a visual and numerical tour through sporting debates and ideas. Teams in all sports use data to create extraordinary analysis of how their players perform, to assess tactics and to get an edge over arch rivals; but fans are rarely presented with challenging and informative data that would help them to further understand sport. You'll never see sport the same way again.

Rob Minto is the Digital Editor for audience engagement at the Financial Times, as well as writing occasional features and columns.  While at University of Oxford, he read PPE.  He has four children and lives in London.

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March 2017

Robert Seatter (Lincoln College, 1975).

Robert Seatter has published four poetry collections. The Book of Snow, which describes the arc of a relationship through the image of snow, is his latest. Jane Draycott, Senior Course Tutor for the MSt in Creative Writing at the University of Oxford, said: ‘Poetry collections this focused and intricately assembled are rare – The Book of Snow reveals Seatter at his most lyrical and elegiac while also at his most honest and sharp.'

Robert Seatter ( has had an eclectic career, spanning teaching, acting, publishing and broadcasting. He is now the Head of History at the BBC and Chair of The Poetry Trust which runs the acclaimed Aldeburgh Poetry Festival. He has written poetry for many years, and won awards and nominations for his writing including the National Poetry Competition, London Poetry, the Forward Poetry Prize and the Housman Poetry Prize. His work has appeared in many publications, on television and radio, and even on London’s buses. 

While at the University of Oxford, Robert Seatter read English Language and Literature. He divides his time between London and Oxfordshire.  

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April 2017

Nidhi Dalmia (Jesus College, 1972)

Nidhi Dalmia is an alumni of St Stephen’s College in Delhi, and pursued his post graduate education at Oxford University. Thereafter, he graduated from the Sorbonne and Management education at Harvard Business School. Born into one of India’s oldest industrialist families, he was brought up surrounded by a business and industry culture since childhood. However, it is the spiritual environment prevalent in his home, where Vedas, Upanishads were a part of his home schooling, that Nidhi most cherishes.

A member of several prestigious professional bodies, Nidhi has received extensive professional training across the world. His professional life exposed him to diverse business responsibilities especially in the manufacturing sector.

He is a sports enthusiast -- from tennis, swimming to chess. Nidhi also travelling, Western pop music, Indian and Western classical music and playing the piano.

He divides his time between Delhi and Paris. Harp is his first novel.

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May 2017

Michael Jago Robin Butler

Michael Jago (University College, 1965)

Michael Jago read Literae Humaniores (Classics, Ancient History and Philosophy) at University College. In 1980 he established a base for his educational travel business in California, where he met and married his wife Carol. After selling his business in 2003 he returned to Univ in 2004 to read for a further degree, and at the end of the decade began a new career as a biographer.

His first three biographies were published by Biteback in quick succession: The Man Who Was George Smiley (2013); Clement Attlee: The Inevitable Prime Minister (2014); and Rab Butler: The Best Prime Minister We Never Had? (2015).

His fourth book, Robin Butler: At the Heart of Power from Heath to Blair, is a biography of Lord Robin Butler, who was Cabinet Secretary, author of the Butler Report on Weapons of Mass Destruction, and Master of University College from 1998 to 2008.

He and Carol now divide their time between Chicago and Southwest France.

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June 2017

Polly Morland (St Hugh’s, 1989)

Polly Morland is an award-winning writer and documentary maker. Combining her background of film journalism with ideas from psychology, philosophy and literature, her books blend human stories with reflections on how we live today – and how we can live better. Polly’s first widely-acclaimed book The Society of Timid Souls, or How To Be Brave (2013) won a RSL/Jerwood Award, was longlisted for the Guardian First Book Award and was a Sunday Times Book of the Year.

Morland’s latest book, Metamorphosis, offers an intimate view of how, why and when we change. Can we make it happen when we want to? How do we deal with it when we have no choice? We are faced with political change, we find ourselves divorcing, made redundant or bereaved. We long to lose weight, to move somewhere new or to mend a bad habit. However it comes about, Morland shows that change is not an event, but an evolving process at which we are more skilled than we realise.

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