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Alumni Volunteer Leadership Conference 2016

Please find below a selection of presentations and materials from the 2016 Alumni Volunteer Leadership Conference, which we hope you find useful.

Alumni Volunteer Leadership Conference 2016 Programme

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Oxonians Across the Globe: Review of Alumni Groups 2016

The results from our 5th annual survey, sent to our entire global alumni group network

By Guy Collender, Deputy Director of Alumni Relations and Joby Mullens, Alumni Networks Officer

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Organising Engaging Events With Impact: Successful Events in Ghana

By Emefa Amoaka, Oxford & Cambridge Society of Ghana

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Getting the Most out of Your Communications: Newsletters, Websites and Social Media

By Paull Hammond-Davies, Head Of Alumni Communications and Marketing

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Online Professional Networking: the Oxford Alumni Community

By Paull Hammond-Davies, Head of Alumni Communications and Marketing

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Working Together: the University's Strategic Plan and the Goals of Alumni Relations

By Christine Fairchild, Director of Alumni Relations

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