Celebrating Oxford's historic victories on the Thames around the globe

Oxonians around the world joined in cheering on the Dark Blues as they rowed to a solid victory over their Cambridge rivals in the 2015 Boat Race.

More than 20 alumni boat race events were hosted around the world – from Vancouver in Canada to Victoria in Australia – to mark the occasion. 

All four Oxford rowing crews (men’s, women’s and reserves) won their races against Cambridge on a momentous afternoon when the women, for the first time, raced over the same gruelling course as the men.

Among the group events that were held was the Vancouver Oxford & Cambridge Society’s 5th Boat Race Breakfast (pictured above), which attracted a record crowd of 55 alumni and guests, some wearing the rag-tag ends of long-treasured college or University kit. [Read more]



The Oxford & Cambridge Society of Strasbourg was once again warmly welcomed by the Aviron Rowing Club to watch the race at their clubhouse on the L'ile (pictured above). The international flavour of the blues rowers was reflected in their membership – which included diverse members from Hungary, Germany, France, Macedonia and Wales!  [Read more]

And there was a great turn out for the Boat Race Bash in Jersey (pictured above). About 30 members of OUS Jersey met up with their Cambridge counterparts in the Boat House bar overlooking St. Aubin’s harbour for some friendly banter and rivalry.

Meanwhile in Edinburgh, the city has an Oxford bar and a Cambridge bar at opposite ends of the same street. In the spirit of friendship,OUS Edinburgh invited their friends from Cambridge to join them at the Cambridge bar, to watch the victorious Oxford crews (pictured above). A fun time was had by all and OUS Edinburgh hopes to make the joint event an annual fixture.

Elsewhere in South America, the Colombia Oxford Alumni Network got together for a brunch and to watch and celebrate the Dark Blue’s outstanding victory (pictured above). More than 15 alumni, along with their families and friends and a couple of Cambridge alumni attended the event, held at the Monkey House in Bogotá.

And in North America, the OxBridge Cascades (Oregon, Washington, British Columbia) Alumni Society of Oxford and Cambridge  celebrated the Boat Race with a live telecast and breakfast in Portland (pictured above), Oregon. More than 40 alumni, friends, and family watched the Dark Blues sweep the Light Blues (plus winning The Goat Race!).

View more pictures from the OxBridge Cascades’ event on their Facebook page.