Meeting Minds in Oxford 2019 review

Alumni group volunteers from around the world converged on Oxford for the Volunteer Leadership Forum last month to hear about the University’s Alumni Programme and share insights on running their groups.

The Forum was held on the Friday of Meeting Minds: Oxford 2019 and almost 40 group representatives from as far afield as Australia, Hong Kong and Mexico attended.

James Khan, first-time Forum attendee and recently-appointed President of Oxford10, offered his impressions of the event (see below).

The evening before the Forum, volunteers were invited to a thank-you dinner at St Anne’s. The Forum opened on the Friday with a lunch and Q&A session with members of the Alumni Board.

Groups were then given an update on the Alumni Programme, before hearing news from one of the latest alumni groups, the Oxford Entrepreneurs Network.

Representatives from the University’s Internships Office also spoke about how alumni groups could get involved in offering internships before the event closed with an open session where groups were invited to share ideas and feedback.

James Khan (pictured left), recently-appointed President of Oxford10, gives his impressions of the forum:

“The Leadership Forum provides a great opportunity for the committee members of Oxford alumni societies from across the world to share their experience and expertise. During the forum, leaders discussed ideas for improving services the alumni societies provide to their members. These proposals ranged from providing better and more relevant events for their members to increasing the member base.

Leaders thanked the Oxford Alumni Office for their efforts and support. A big thank you to Christine Fairchild, Charlotte Richards, and Joby Mullens for the guidance they provide and the hard work they put into making it easier for the committees to run their alumni societies.

Collaboration between societies was also at the top of the agenda.

Since I attended the forum, I have spoken to Oxford alumni at a couple of events in London about their interests. Exciting times ahead!”