OUS Gloucestershire - Drinks Party

Some 25 Oxonians representing ten Oxford colleges attend a drinks party organised by OUS Gloucestershire in Cheltenham on Friday, 5 Febuary.

The party was kindly hosted by Oxford alumna Charlotte Fuller (Lincoln, 1986) at her flat in Montpellier, Cheltenham and was a lovely evening - very convivial with drinks and canapes.

It is always a pleasure to meet such interesting people who have had such a variety of life paths, some further advanced along than others, but who all have the Oxford experience in common.

There seems to be such a lot to talk about, sharing memories of student life and how we have all come to Gloucestershire.

It can be daunting coming to an event where you do not expect to know anyone, but such is the kind welcome and the efforts made by Charlotte, Sam and Andrew (Committee members) to effect introductions, that I would urge anyone who has not previously attended to come along, I'm sure you will have a nice time.

Malcolm Allison (St Catherine's, 1988) - OUS Gloucestershire

I’d been intending to get along to one of these alumni events for some time, and an evening of drinks and snacks just long the road in the centre of Cheltenham seemed the right level.

The Gloucestershire Oxford alumni seem to fit into one room, though I am assured that a large number of other people come to different events.

First impressions were that although I was in Oxford in the 80s, I was one of the younger alumni there – maybe alumni in their twenties and thirties are out on the town or putting children to bed!

Unsurprisingly, there was no-one I remembered: looking back, it’s always shocking how short a time three years is, even though it seems an age at the time.

It was interesting to hear the range of careers people had pursued - for example someone who restored antique water features for the National Trust, and various people with their own businesses.

However, I found myself talking just as much with friends of alumni who hadn’t been at Oxford, but had been invited along for the evening. Which was fine, as it wasn’t a nostalgic or cliquey event, as I might have feared.

Hopefully I will make it along to another event before too long, as the ever energetic Sam (Tolley – Group Secretary) seems to be organising plenty of activities to keep us entertained.

David Hall (St Catherine's, 1983)