Oxford and Cambridge Society of Malaysia - 'Great Personalities' talk series

The ongoing transformation of Malaysia Airlines was described by its Group Managing Director and CEO, Peter Bellew, at a popular event in Kuala Lumpur.

Mr Bellew spoke about his first ten months in office during the talk entitled ‘300th day in office - KPIs revisited, road ahead.’

He described his career in the aviation industry and the work he immediately began upon
assuming his current position, including improving staff morale.

Mr Bellew plans to make the Malaysia Airlines story the greatest airline transformation initiative in history.

The airline has been beset by challenges and tragedies in recent years, particularly in 2014 when MH370 went missing in the Indian Ocean and MH17 was shot down over Ukraine.

After his presentation, Mr Bellew answered a number of questions from the 50-strong audience of members from the Oxford and Cambridge Society of Malaysia and their guests.

The talk took place at the end of May at Bobo Restaurant in Kuala Lumpur and was the first in the society’s ‘Great Personalities’ talk series.

The society wishes to thank Mr Bellew for making time to speak at this event, and for providing detailed insights into running a national airline.

John Teng – Secretary, Oxford and Cambridge Society of Malaysia

(l-r): Malaysia Airlines CEO & Group Managing Director Peter Bellew; society member Elizabeth Lee; and society member Mark Disney