Oxford & Cambridge Society of Oman - Trip to Salut Castle

We had a most enjoyable group trip to Salut Castle, an ancient defensive settlement near Bisyah, at the end of last year.

We travelled down in convoy together and reached the site in good time, where we met up with Ali Mohammadi (a new member) and two friends of his (both Cambridge alumni) who happened to be travelling through Oman. 

We began by visiting the castle itself, a Bronze Age settlement. It is in remarkable condition and is the subject of a submission to Unesco by Oman.


After lunch in the shade of the castle, we then proceeded to visit the remains of a large tower surrounded by a moat formed of concentric circles with large blocks reinforcing the channels.

By chance, an Italian archaeologist was working there and I managed to persuade her to give a short informal talk to the group on the ongoing excavation work.


Some of the group then headed closer to the tombs and burial shrine on the top of the opposite hill to get a closer look.


Gavin Daniel – Oxford & Cambridge Society of Oman