Spotlight on the Cambridge-Oxford Alumni Club of Hungary (COACH)

Since reforming in 2018, the Cambridge-Oxford Alumni Club of Hungary (COACH) has been flourishing and now boasts around 350 members and a range of successful events. 

The club hosted several prominent speakers, including the President of the European Court of Justice and Her Majesty's Ambassador to Hungary, convened annual dinners and science seminars - and even ventured into social wellbeing with ice skating and yoga sessions. 

COACH has also successfully collaborated with organisations including the Hungarian Association of British Alumni (HABA), the Andrássy University Alumni Association and the Hungarian Alumni of the College of Europe on joint events including boat race and garden parties. 

From the outset, COACH has strived to serve as a platform bringing together current students and alumni for the benefit of all members and, this spring, the club launched a mentoring programme. The programme is currently running online as a result of the coronavirus pandemic.

The programme aims to facilitate career advice, professional guidance and support along with the exchange of best practice. COACH members are matched with current students so as to inspire one other, exchange ideas and reflect on career goals, while maintaining a connection with their university.

To find out more, email the club.