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Central Europe

Over 4,600 alumni reside in Central Europe, almost three quarters of whom are based in Germany. Unsurprisingly therefore, the country has the largest number of alumni groups in the region - a total of eight. This includes the Oxford Alumni Network's very first multinational group - OUS Lake Constance - which is based in Germany but also covers the Swiss and Austrian areas around the lake.

The second largest concentration of alumni in the region is in Poland, where there are almost 500 alumni. A total of 12 alumni groups serve the Central Europe region, as well as an area contact in Poland.

If you are interested in getting involved with your nearest alumni group, please email the contacts listed under the country headings below and ask to be added to the mailing list.



Oxford & Cambridge Society of Austria
Nirmalie Mulloli

Czech Republic

Oxford & Cambridge Society of the Czech Republic
Monika Mareková


OUS Berlin
Ottilie Klein and Marina Kolesnichenko
Oxford & Cambridge Society of Central Germany (Saxony, Saxony-Anhalt, Thuringia)
Tobias Langenhan
OUS Frankfurt Rhein Main
Nicole von Alvensleben and Bettina Holstein
OUS Lake Constance
Lennart Brand
(covering the Lake Constance area of Germany, Austria and Switzerland)
OUS Munich
Annemarie Große Frie and Caroline Weimann
OUS Rhein-Neckar
Kay Hatfield
Oxbridge Society of Hamburg
Brian Melican
Oxford & Cambridge Society of Rheinland Germany
Markus Brandstetter


Cambridge-Oxford Alumni Club of Hungary
Anna Juhos


Oxford & Cambridge Society of Poland
Krzysztof Bobiński
Poland (area contact)
Michael Senter