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Cheltenham Municipal Offices. By Saffron Blaze (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0)], via Wikimedia Commons


Welcome to OUS Gloucestershire. We are one of the largest OUS groups - with nearly 4,000 members. We typically organise at least one event a month. These are extremely varied, from the Annual Boat Race Party to musical events, lectures, visits and purely social opportunities.

Many events are initiated by members themselves, which we encourage. Membership is not limited to those living in county, events often take place in the neighbouring counties and in London.
If you'd like to join and receive information about forthcoming events - or alternatively if you have any suggestions for future events please email Group Secretary Sam Tolley.

AGM and Committee

The committee:

The most recent Annual General Meeting was held on June 25 2018 at Restaurant Koj in Cheltenham. Elections to the committee were held, and the new composition of the committee is shown below. To contact the committee by email, please use the address: gloucestershire@ousoc.oxon.org.





Sam Tolley


St Hugh's


Julian Sternberg




Andrew Mitchell


St Catherine's


Frank Smith

Committee Member



Robert Dibley

Committee Member



Aidan Rose

Committee Member



Forthcoming events

Saturday, 23 March 2019 – Severn Bore breakfast in Hempsted.
Sunday, 7 April 2019: View the University boat races together with Cambridge Gloucestershire alumni.
Friday, 3 May 2019 – opera  (Verdi Macbeth) in Everyman Theatre, Cheltenham, including dinner. The Annual General Meeting will take place immediately prior to the dinner.
Late June 2019 – picnic and recital at Worcester Lodge, Badminton

Full details with locations, times, and booking instructions for the above events will be circulated by email, and updates will be sent whenever new events are added.

If you are not receiving these emails but would still like to attend an event, please email the secretary to verify that correct contact details are held for you.

More events are in the planning stage and will be added to this site once their dates are definite. 

Past events

Event reviews:

  • "Trial by Laughter" at the Everyman Theatre in Cheltenham on November 13th 2018

    A group of 24 members enjoyed a pre-show dinner followed by this entertaining play by Ian Hislop and Nick Newman.

  • An evening exploring applying and studying at the University of Oxford, at the King's School, Gloucester, on Wednesday 19 September

    An Admissions Officer from Oxford gave a presentation to an audience of potential applicants from local schools, with support from some of our committee members.

  • 'Come and Sing' Fauré Requiem in Ashleworth Parish Church on Sunday 9 September.

    Around 75 singers from local choirs, including about 15 Oxbridge alumni, put together a high-standard performance under the leadership of Ian Fox (Worcester alumnus and music graduate). Afterwards, the singers and guests enjoyed drinks in the adjacent Tythe Barn.

  • Birdsong at the Everyman Theatre, Cheltenham on 24 February 2018

    Marking the centenary of the end of the First World War, and following a previously sold-out run, the very popular play Birdsong by Sebastian Faulks returned to the Everyman Theatre in Cheltenham this February. Although the novel was written in 1993, it was adapted as a stage play only in 2010. Its plot is set in the period just before and during the Great War.

    OUS Gloucestershire arranged a block booking of Centre Circle seats together with exclusive use of the Director’s Lounge before the performance and also during the interval. Our group of 25 alumni thus enjoyed a social drink with canapés beforehand and returned to the Lounge during the interval for a further drink.

    We would also like to express thanks to Aidan Rose (Keble, 1976) for facilitating this event through the Friends of the Everyman Theatre.

    Julian Sternberg, OUS Gloucestershire committee (Pembroke, 1965)

  • Lecture on “Oceans and Climate Change” in Schools and Alumni Series on 22 February 2018

    OUS Gloucestershire held its spring lecture, entitled “Oceans and Climate Change" at Ribston Hall High School, Gloucester. About 70 people - including pupils from local schools, parents, teachers, and alumni - attended the event.

    Guest speaker David Marshall, Oxford University Professor of Physical Oceanography and Head of Atmospheric Oceanic and Planetary Physics, introduced his talk with two revealing numbers: the top 2.5 metres of all oceans have the same heat capacity as the whole atmosphere, and the top ~50 metres of all oceans have the same CO2 capacity.

    Having thus convinced the audience of the crucial roles of oceans and currents, the talk went on to describe the history of how oceanic data have been measured, ranging from dropping a line from a ship to advanced satellite altimetry and the use of floats, gliders, and even sensors on marine mammals. Before the 1990s, only a limited amount of data was obtainable, but - more recently - there has been an explosion in oceanic data, leading to (among other things) greatly improved weather forecasting.

    There was a presentation of  various models which help understand the vast amounts of data now being collected. The speaker left the audience in no doubt that the presently observed climate trends (CO2 and temperature) were indeed caused mainly by human activity, in correlation with the increasing use of fossil fuels, despite efforts from some quarters to deny this link.

    As a result the oceans are becoming more acidic, resulting in sea shells starting to dissolve. The overturning circulation (a system of surface and deep currents) is seen to be weakening, which will further affect climate.

    Professor Marshall finished by advising students that more Oceanographers are required if we are to better understand the above phenomena. Interested students should study Maths, Chemistry, Physics at A level. Questions were taken from the audience.

    Our thanks go to Professor David Marshall for providing such a stimulating and interesting lecture and also to the staff of Ribston Hall High School for hosting the event.

    Andrew Mitchell, OUS Gloucestershire Treasurer (St Catherine’s, 1985)

  • Lecture "China's War with Japan: The Struggle for Survival" on 19 March 2019

    For this lecture in the Schools and Alumni series, we welcomed Professor Rana Mitter, Professor of the History and Politics of Modern China and Director of the University of Oxford China Centre. The audience of about 50 alumni and students was treated to the "real" history of World War 2, in particular the events leading up to China's involvement, already from 1937, on the side of the Western allies, with between 10 and 20 million Chinese victims. Subsequent major events in China, especially the communist takeover, led to a suppression of China's wartime role, but in recent decades interest has re-awakened, and it is now recognised that those wartime events still have a considerable indirect bearing on modern Chinese attitudes and politics.

    Many thanks to Professor Mitter for this fascinating talk, and thanks go also to the staff of Tewkesbury School for hosting the event.


Did you attend an event? Please submit photos and a review by email to Group Secretary Sam Tolley.

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