Eternal Egypt explored: beyond the pyramids

Accompanied by a Professor of Egyptology, you will journey from Cairo to Luxor, visiting breathtaking pyramids, temples, majestic ruins and tombs. This new route will take you to a number of fascinating lesser-known and off-the-beaten-track sites, and you will also enjoy privileged, behind-the-scenes visits with local archeologist teams. The Grand Egyptian Museum at Giza is due to open in 2020 and you will be amongst the first to visit, what is destined to be the largest archeological museum in the world.

India’s glorious history: the essential highlights

Join Dr Rima Hooja and delve into the fabulous and fascinating history of India. Explore the culture of the Mughals with their superb architecture and intriguing personal histories. Learn about the Sikh religion and feel the very heart of Amritsar whilst visiting the outstanding Golden Temple. In Delhi, probe deep into the glory of the Mughal rulers, and in Agra, admire the sensitivity of the architecture of the Taj Mahal and the strength and dominance of Agra Fort.

Croatia’s cultural port: the city that flows

Rijeka, Croatia’s third largest city, will become 2020’s European city of culture. The city has always been a fascinating melting pot of people and cultures, and is set in a spectacularly beautiful location at the bottom of the Bay of Kvarner, framed by the magnificent Dinaric Alps.  The working port is being revitalised and former industrial complexes are being transformed into stunning arts spaces and cultural venues. You will explore the city’s explore avant-garde art scene and the brand new

The English Civil War: an exploration in context

Nothing has imprinted itself so deeply on the nation’s memory as the national civil struggle of the mid seventeenth century, as this tour discovers. You will take a look at the first English Civil War that raged from 1642 to 1646, starting with an introductory presentation in Oxford, where Charles I founded his capital. Having established the context of the war, your investigations move on to Edgehill, the first major encounter of the war, before visiting other battle sites including Lansdown, Roundway Down, Cheriton and Newbury.

Greece’s ancient sites: the northern kingdoms

Follow in the footsteps of three conquering kings, across the mountainous landscapes of the two northern kingdoms of ancient Greece. This tour, which is led by Dr. Milena Melfi, is full of fantastic archaeological sites, marked over the centuries by a cornucopia of peoples and cultures. You will travel back in time to the reign of Pyrrhus of Epirus from the Ionian coast, and Philip II and his son Alexander the Great in Macedonia, where palaces, houses, painted tombs and exquisite pebble mosaics survive at the Macedonian cities of Verghina and Pella.

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Cruise the Carian Coast: ancient sites and ruins

Turkey, where Europe and Asia meet to form ‘the cradle of civilisation’, is yours to discover on this exclusive seven day cruise along the turquoise coast of Caria. You will be accompanies by classicist, Professor Richard Hunter, on a traditional, private chartered gulet. On this relaxing journey you will discover hidden historic sites and romantic ruins and castles. You will travel far beyond the popular tourist traps and enjoy behind-the-scenes visits to archeological sites.

The kingdom of Bhutan: walks and festivals

It was only after the last King’s coronation in 1974 that the first trickle of foreign visitors were allowed into this isolated, tiny kingdom. Bhutan remains relatively untouched by the outside world and is the last surviving Buddhist kingdom in the Himalayas. On this journey you will explore this beautiful and unspoilt land on moderate walks that involve around three to six hours walking a day. The itinerary is designed to provide the perfect introduction to Bhutan.