Wildlife of Peru- 2020 preview

Join Professor Nick Davies for a comprehensive sweep through diverse habitats from arid coasts to Amazon rainforest, from Humboldt penguins on the Pacific coast to tropical cloud forest in the Andean foothills. Explore diverse aspects of animal behaviour, from leaf-cutter ants to sloths, butterflies and monkeys and discuss Nick's favourite bird, the cuckoo, of which Peru boasts 16 species.

Backstage in Copenhagen: A Photographic and Cultural Adventure

Copenhagen is the epitome of Scandinavian culture where Modernist lamps light New Nordic tables and bridges over pristine waterways buzz with cycling commuters. It is also a photographer’s dream – few cultures have the reverence for simplicity, detail and understated beauty. These tenets drive everything from Copenhagen's colourful architecture to its world-famous furniture and lighting, which have created a city of genuine visual pleasure, laced with a sense of quiet wonder and delight.