OUS Shenzhen - 'Life at Oxford' Speech in Shenzhen, China

As President of OUS Shenzhen and Oxford Education Society’s Country Champion for Southern China, I was invited by the Shajing Sub-district Teaching Research Centre of Bao'an District Shenzhen to talk about my experiences at Oxford and the UK as a whole. 

More than 300 teachers from public and private schools in Shajing, government officials and representatives from different industries attended the event earlier this month.

In my talk I described the seven years I spent in the UK, with particular emphasis on my experiences at Oxford – dispelling some of the myths surrounding it and illustrating the unique traditions such as formal hall, where everyone wears sub-fusc (full academic dress) and professors take their seats at high table.

I also highlighted the unique collegiate system where every student is affiliated to a college and spoke about my beloved Green Templeton College, recalling two things in particular that are imprinted in my memory – the stunning Radcliffe Observatory and my time spent as Treasurer of the Graduate Common Room Committee.

Speaking about my experiences at the Saïd Business School, I referred to the numerous unforgettable memories I have of time spent with my classmates in the library, punting, on various excursions and in snowball fights.

I also shared my experience of running an organisation as, after being admitted to Oxford, I assumed various positions as President of the Oxford Student Alumni Society (OxSAS), Treasurer of Green Templeton College GCR Committee and Course Representative of the Saïd Business School.

Following my talk, I devised some interactive sessions and concluded by urging the audience, in particular the teachers, to encourage their students to apply to Oxford.

I was pleased to hear many of the audience considered the speech inspiring and said that it helped them to better understand the University and encouraged them to pursue excellence there.

Neo Zhang – President, OUS Shenzhen

Neo was named the “UK International Student of the Year” in 2007 by the British Council, beating off stiff competition from more than 2,000 candidates from 130 countries.