OUS Hertfordshire - Schools' Meeting on Applying to Oxford

OUS Hertfordshire held its 14th annual public meeting for Hertfordshire schools about applying to Oxford on Monday, 14 September, which proved to be its most successful yet.

More than 300 pupils and parents from 24 schools filled the hall at Stanborough School, Welwyn Garden City. The main speaker was Kate Kettle, Outreach Officer at Balliol College, who was supported by three current undergraduates. The chair was a recent law graduate from Lady Margaret Hall who had attended Stanborough School.  

Based on a very short anonymous questionnaire of only two questions, the satisfaction level was high. A total of 68 per cent found the meeting "very useful" and 29 per cent found it "useful". Of the additional comments, 19 were positive, five were neutral and just one was negative.

The event takes a considerable amount of time to set up and execute, but it seems to be worth it. Two key factors are to have an engaging (and, ideally, youthful) outreach person as the main speaker who must be fully up to speed on Oxford's entry system; and a panel of either two or three current undergraduates to answer questions about what life at Oxford is really like.

I'd be glad to hear from any branches considering setting up a meeting about applying to Oxford. Please get in touch with me by emailing our Group Secretary Simon Double.
Ian Senior - Prime-mover and OUS Hertfordshire Chairman (Trinity, 1958)