OUS Munich - 'O zapft is': Oktoberfest 2015

“O zapft is” – every year Munich’s Mayor opens the Oktoberfest with this traditional cry. This is also the starting sign for two weeks of Bavarian joy and craziness, with the local Oxford alumni group, OUS Munich, right in the middle. A great opportunity to catch up with old friends and meet new alumni. Oxonians today ranged from those who went to Oxford in the 1970s, to those who will yet have to start their Freshers week.

As is tradition, OUS Munich celebrated in the Armbrustschützenzelt (lit. crossbowmen’s tent), which boasts a 120-year history and hosts the German crossbow championships. After a chilly start in the afternoon with outside temperatures around 12°C, the atmosphere inside the beer tent quickly got everyone in a livelier mood.

With the Bavarian brass band playing, people simply could not help but jump up and danced on the benches to the German Schlager classics. And the whole beer tent joined in…

Beer, food and the unique Oktoberfest mood kept flowing until late in the evening, until our tent closed at 10.30pm. The cold weather outside reminded us that autumn was nearing, but everyone kept the memories of a great evening to warm us from the inside.

Chen Li (St John's, 2011) - member of OUS Munich