Oxford & Cambridge Society of Peru - Annual Dinner

On Thursday, 15 October we, the Oxford & Cambridge Society of Peru, had our annual dinner party at the Foresta Hotel in San Isidro, in Lima, gathering a record amount of participants.

The enthusiasm of Oxford alumnus Santiago Mariani (St Antony's, 2008) was essential to achieving this goal, announcing our dinner well in advance and coordinating the event.Cambridge participants nearly doubled the numbers of Oxford alumni attending this time.

A few politicians who are members of our group sent their excuses for being unable to assist due to Peru’s process of general elections. However, we were honoured by the presence of our new British Ambassador Mr Anwar Choudhury - who entertained us with a excellent speech before asking for the usual toast of the night. We also had the pleasure of a wine tasting, courtesy of POMOVI in Peru.

The general feeling was that we all had a very enjoyable night, recalling many memories of our time at university and having the chance to meet old friends as well as making new ones. 

In summary, it was an astonishing evening.

Clive Ramsey - Secretary, Oxford & Cambridge Society of Peru