Alumni group resources

Please find below a selection of literature for alumni group representatives to download, including the latest edition of the Oxford Alumni Network Directory, as well as links to other resources which we hope you will find useful in running your group:

Data protection

Learn more about the rules around current and upcoming data protection legislation and any actions that need to be taken.


Alumni Volunteer Leadership Conference 2016

View presentations and resources from the 2016 Alumni Volunteer Leadership Conference

    Volunteer Leadership Conference 2015

Alumni Network Survey Review 2016/17

View the results from our 6th Annual Update Survey, sent to our entire global alumni group network.


Overview for Oxford Alumni Groups

This document provides a brief introduction to the global Oxford alumni group network, the expectations of groups and links to some useful resources. 


Guidelines for online submissions

This document provides guidelines for submitting alumni group events and blog posts.


Alumni Group event listing form

Please inform of us any forthcoming events your groups are planning so that we can help to publicise them by completing our online Alumni Group Event Listing Form.  


The Volunteer Handbook

The handbook contains a comprehensive set of guidance documents on topics as varied as establishing a website and researching and identifying academic speakers. 

Volunteer Handbook

Oxford Alumni Network Directory

The directory contains a comprehensive list of alumni groups around the world  from those aimed at alumni in a specific geographical location to those relevant to interests and subjects studied.

  Volunteer Handbook                         

Volunteer Leadership Conference  Friday, 18 September 2015, Harris Manchester College, Oxford

View and download the Conference programme.

View and download the session notes.

[Please note that links to the separate presentation files from the Conference are contained within the session notes]

Volunteer Leadership Conference 2015

Blueprint  the University of Oxford's staff magazine

View the latest issue of Blueprint  the staff magazine for the University of Oxford.

Alumni Networks logo

The University has created a new logo for use by all official alumni groups to replace the standard identifier used by internal departments of the University.

If you have not already received a logo for your group and would like to, please email our Alumni Networks Officer Joby Mullens.

Download our guidelines for official alumni groups on using the new groups logo.

Alumni Networks Logo

Joint Oxford and Cambridge Alumni Networks logo

A new logo has also been created by the University in conjunction with the University of Cambridge, for use by all official joint Oxford & Cambridge groups.

If you have not already received a logo for your group and would like to, please email our Alumni Networks Officer Joby Mullens.

Download our guidelines for official alumni groups on using the new joint Oxford & Cambridge groups logo.


Oxford University Images - access for alumni groups

Alumni groups can use images from the University’s new picture library, Oxford University Images, free of charge. 

To view the image gallery, please email Lauren Pounds, stating that you are a group representative, and you will be sent login details.

Oxford University Images

Group Officers' mailing list

Alumni group representatives are invited to sign up to the group email address, which aims to help facilitate discussion between alumni groups around the globe.

Subscribers can use the facility to, for instance, seek advice from their peers, share best practice and inform fellow group officers of group activity by simply sending their message to a single email address:

Any group representatives wishing to subscribe should email our Networks Officer Joby Mullens.

Branch Officers' mailing list

LinkedIn group

Alumni group leaders are encouraged to sign up to and make use of the dedicated ‘Volunteer Leaders’ LinkedIn group we have established. The group is designed to stimulate discussion among alumni groups around the globe and encourage the sharing of ideas and knowledge.

Join the Volunteer Leaders group on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn group