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Student awards

OUS Dorset's 2015 Travel Award recipient Nicholas Turner (centre) with students at a school in Hong Kong.


Several alumni groups in the UK make annual awards to students from their region currently studying at Oxford.

Awards are used to support a range of opportunities including internships, long vacation projects and travel.

This year bursaries are available for students from: Cornwall (£250-£500), Dorset (up to £350), East Kent (up to £750), East Sussex (£300) and Hertfordshire (up to £500).

Please see below for further information on each scheme and details of how to apply.

Cornwall group award

OUS Cornwall will again be running its bursaries scheme in 2018 and is offering the following grants: 

Bursary to promote the understanding of Cornwall and Cornish culture and heritage (£500):
Cornwall has a rich culture, heritage and environment - both past and present - and this bursary is to promote the academic understanding of Cornish culture in its widest sense and to foster future academic interest and awareness of Cornwall. It is hoped in the long term that inspiring future academics and graduates with an interest in Cornwall will result in them contributing to the county.

This bursary (value £500) is to finance an Oxford undergraduate or graduate student to undertake a project in Cornwall that will contribute to their field work or dissertation. Subjects might include archaeology, anthropology, history, language, literature, music, art, geology, science, the environment and economics but this list is not exclusive and the group is open to other topics. 
Closing date: Sunday 1 April 2018


Bursaries to fund a broader understanding of the student’s subject (£250-£500):
Bursaries to fund undergraduate or graduate students with strong connections to Cornwall (in most cases five years' residence in Cornwall) to travel or visit somewhere that will contribute to a broader understanding or viewpoint of their subject. 

Normally only one award will be given to each student during their student career.
Closing date: Sunday 1 April 2018

Bursary to fund a life-enhancing activity to benefit both the individual and the local community and broaden the mind of the applicant (£250-£500): 
Bursaries (£250 - £500) to fund undergraduate students with strong connections to Cornwall (in most cases five years' residence in Cornwall) to travel to perform a project that will be a life-enhancing activity of benefit to both the individual and the local community and that will broaden the mind of the applicant. 

Normally only one award will be given to each student during their undergraduate career.
Closing date: Sunday 1 April 2018


Bursaries to fund an internship (£250):
A maximum of two bursaries (£250) to contribute towards internships for undergraduate students with strong connections to Cornwall (in most cases five years' residence in Cornwall). 

Normally only one award will be given to each student during their undergraduate career.
Closing date: Sunday 1 April 2018


Format for applications for bursaries:
Undergraduate bursaries and internships
CV with personal statement and Cornwall connections 1 page
Outline of internship or bursary project 1 page
Bursary to promote the understanding of Cornwall and Cornish culture and heritage (open to all students)
CV with personal statement and Cornwall connections (if any) 1 page
Outline of bursary project and relevance to promotion of Cornwall 1-2 pages


To apply for any of the above bursaries, please write your application according to the guidelines above and email to Fenella Wojnarowska of OUS Cornwall by Sunday 1 April 2018 at the latest.

Dorset group award

OUS Dorset is extending its Summer Vacation Bursary for 2018 to provide two bursaries to Oxford undergraduates, of up to £350 each, towards the cost of undertaking, or of otherwise taking part in, a 2018 summer vacation project that aims to further their personal development and to enrich their life, in that capacity, for the benefit of their college.

All Oxford undergraduates who are either ordinarily resident in Dorset, or who have matriculated from a Dorset school, are eligible to apply for these bursaries, other than past and present award holders, final year undergraduates, third year medical students; or graduates of any university. 'Dorset' includes only the local authority areas of Dorset, Bournemouth and Poole. The bursary scheme does not extend to Dorset postal addresses in other local authority areas.

The project should be started in and completed wholly between the last day of Trinity Term (Saturday 16 June) and the first day of Michaelmas Term (Sunday 7 October).

In weighing the merits of any application, OUS Dorset will focus particularly on how the proposed project may assist the personal development of the applicant, as an undergraduate member of his or her college, and on how engaging in that project may enrich the applicant’s student life to the benefit of that college.

Projects may be in any place and of any kind, but must have the approval of the applicant’s college.

The group awarded its 2017 Summer Vacation Bursary to Duncan O’Brien, a biological sciences student at St. Anne’s who came up from The Gryphon School, Sherborne in 2015. His travel project was to dive in Honduras to study if and how reef complexity affects the abundance of resident fish species.

Completed applications for the 2018 bursary scheme must be lodged with OUS Dorset Honorary Secretary Dr Tony Pawley at 20 Cotton Close, Broadstone, Dorset BH18 9AJ, by Friday 16 March 2018.  

Applications received after this date are unlikely to be considered. Applicants are not being interviewed. Outcomes will be notified by Friday 20 April 2018 and will be final. Full notes on the scheme can be found via the link below.

Download the 2018 bursary scheme notes.

Download the 2018 bursary scheme application form.

East Kent group award

The East Kent group wishes to make several grants, in amounts suitable to the nature of the project, to deserving students from East Kent to assist in their summer activities in 2018.

The awards will be based on the relevance of the project to the degree courses and the likelihood that the amount will be sufficient, when added to other resources in hand, to achieve the stated goals. These grants will not be limited to activities that entail travel abroad nor will they be greater than £750 per student.


1. Students should be in their first or second year of undergraduate study at the University of Oxford, or third year of a four year undergraduate course.

2. Students should be from East Kent, defined as having their main residential address (or school address when completing their secondary education) in East Kent, which includes the district council areas of Ashford, Canterbury, Dover, Shepway and Thanet, plus the town of Faversham.


1. Applications should be made on the form available from the group and clearly show eligibility. (Forms are available by emailing the group.)

2. Applicants should describe their summer project or activity clearly and concisely, with particular attention to relevance to the course of academic study. A budget must be included, showing details of other potential grants and personal contribution.

3. Applicants must include a detailed, signed, letter (not an email) of support from their academic tutor, not just a certification of approval.

4. The opening date for receipt of applications is Monday 23 April 2018 and final date for receipt of applications is Friday 1 June 2018. Priority will be given to early applications.

5. Applications must be sent to: the East Kent Bursary Secretary, Mrs D Worth, West Hill House, The Street, Finglesham, Kent CT14 0NG.

6. The awards will be made by a panel of four members of the East Kent group. The group will endeavour to communicate its decisions as soon as possible, to enable students to plan their summer projects accordingly.

7. The successful applicants will be invited to speak to the East Kent group at its annual general meeting in the autumn of 2018.

8. Any queries should be emailed to Bursary Secretary Diane Worth.

East Sussex group award

OUS East Sussex offers a bursary of £300 for an undergraduate with a home address in East Sussex or Brighton and Hove. The purpose of the bursary is to help support that undergraduate to take up a work-related internship during the long vacation.

The group hopes the scheme will help make a difference to individuals who might otherwise be unable to apply for an internship due to financial restrictions and that it offers a tangible advantage to them in advancing their career plans, post Oxford.

Applicants need the written support of their college and the organisation providing the work experience and/or internship. The successful applicant is asked to provide the group with a brief written report after the work experience and/or internship has completed.

Applications should be emailed to the group by Friday 9 March 2018. Applicants should expect to receive a reply on their application by Saturday 31 March 2018.

Download the bursary notes.

Download the application form.

Hertfordshire group award

OUS Hertfordshire is again offering one or more bursaries of up to £500 in total in 2018 to undergraduates with a home address in Hertfordshire.

The purpose of the bursary is to help financially support the applicant to take up a project involving travel, either overseas or in the UK.

The applicant should have at least one more year studying as an undergraduate at Oxford and must be prepared to help out at the group’s outreach events in September 2018.

Applications should include a description of the proposed project, the total cost and how it meets certain criteria. Full details are available via the document link below.

Applications should be emailed to the group by 9am on Monday, 30 April 2018 and will be determined by the end of May.

Download the bursary notes.