Oxford Alumni Weekend: Session information (Departments and Colleges)

Please read the notes below and complete the following form for each event you are holding at the Alumni Weekend.  Please note we will not carry over any events from previous years.

Booking Policy and Ticket Prices

Only events that are open to all alumni will be promoted in the main programme section of the Alumni Weekend brochure.  Events that are college/department specific will appear at the back of the brochure.

All non-catered events have a standard ticket price of £10 per session.  If you wish to offer a discount to your alumni please fill in the relevant boxes below.  Please note it is your responsibility to promote the discount code to your alumni.  We will not be advertising these in any online or print publications to avoid misuse.

If you are organising a catered event we will transfer the ticket income after the Weekend, minus VAT and the standard ticket price.


Due to number of staff required for the Weekend we will not be providing any staff to events not organised directly by the Alumni Office.

Risk assessments

For insurance purposes we will be requesting risk assessment and venue insurance details in late May.

Session details

Please select the timeslot for your event. If your event will fall over two timeslots (eg lecture followed by reception) please note below.
For events on Friday or Saturday evening, please note the exact time in the box below.
Please provide a brief (no more than 50 words) and engaging synopsis of your session. Please write in the third person

Ticket details

If you wish to offer a discount to your alumni please fill in the boxes below.


Please add details for all speakers taking part in the session

Professor, Dr, Sir etc

Venue details


If you have a suitable image/s to help promote your session in the brochure (eg profile shot), please upload to the folder at: https://www.dropbox.com/request/CswGfxzQwKoazE5g7D10
Please note the filenames of your images to help us match them to sessions/speakers. Please ensure you have included the photographer credit in the filename

Contact details pre-event

This is for general enquiries. Please include both email address and telephone number

Contact details at event

Please include both email address and mobile phone/on the day telephone number