Oxford Journeys - trip submission form

Please complete the below form for EACH of the trips you would like to include in the 2019 Oxford Journeys brochure.

Please send two or three images* for each trip and your ATOL logo . The email you have received from Clare Monaghan contains a link to a company-personalised Dropbox file where you can upload your images.

*Important information about images:

We would like pictures of:

  • People and culture
  • Nature/animals
  • Past tour groups (though due to data protection, we will need photographs where the traveller’s image is not recognisable.)

Each image should be:

  • High resolution (300dpi), suitable for print reproduction
  • Owned by you or be licensed for use by the Alumni Office in the print brochure. Please include appropriate credit information in the filename eg photographer name and/or stock library name and original file id. If no credit information is provided we may not be able to use the image.


Trip details

Please include the name of the region or country in the name
From £
Please provide as bulleted list. Focus on unique selling points (USPs) of the tour – what is it that travellers will get on this trip that they cannot get anywhere else? This is for use by the copy writer.

Trip scholar details

Tour operator contact details

Please upload a copy of your ATOL logo to the dropbox folder