Oxford alumni groups recruitment mailing request

    The Alumni Office can now send out recruitment emails on behalf of groups, rather than simply providing them with data. This has a number of benefits, which should mean an increase in responses to recruitment emails:

    • Alumni will receive more professional emails with University branding
    • The emails will have a look and feel that is consistent with other emails they receive from the University, so they will be more recognisable to alumni
    • The emails will come from a University domain which will be more recognisable to alumni and email systems/providers, which will mean fewer emails landing in spam folders rather than inboxes.
    • Forthcoming changes to data protection and privacy regulations mean that in the near future it is likely we will be able to contact more alumni than the groups would if we were to continue to share data. This is because the law will require explicit opt-in to email communications at a more granular level than is currently required. The Alumni Office already operates opt-in mailing lists and is actively building these up. 

    Mailings should be timed to coincide with the promotion of a group event (around one month in advance of the event) to give an added hook to the communication.  Please notify us at least one month prior to your preferred mailing date to ensure we can accommodate your request.

    We can offer mailings for groups once every three years.

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    Examples of your activities and main focus of the group (eg social events/networking/outreach), the geographical area you cover. No more than 50 words.
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