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My details

How do I update my contact details?

Simply fill in our secure online update form with your new details. Your information will be updated in the University's alumni database and the information will also be passed along to your college for them to update their records. Please note that you will need to have an account for Oxford Alumni Online to access the form.  You can register here and once your account has been verified (this takes approximately three days), you will be able to update your details online.

What is my alumni number?

This is your unique identifier in the format 8-********

If you have registered on our website already you can find your alumni number under 'My Profile' and on the ‘Welcome’ page when you log in.

Your alumni number will also be on most of the letters and emails you receive from us, including Oxford Today and OT Extra as well as on your Alumni Card.

If you would like to be sent your number by email, please complete the online form.

My alumni number seems to have changed

With the introduction of a new alumni database in 2009, all alumni numbers were changed to the format  8-********.  New alumni cards were issued to all alumni (for whom we had an address) with Oxford Today in Hilary 2010.