Oxford & Cambridge Society of Strasbourg - Oxford vs Cambridge Race

The Oxford & Cambridge Society of Strasbourg was once again warmly welcomed by the Aviron Rowing Club (established in 1881) to watch the Boat Race at their clubhouse on the L'ile.  

The ubiquitous 'Strasbourg hot dog' with Dijon mustard and excellent Alsacienne beer were served by Marie-Pierre behind the bar, as our resident IT specialist Nigel ensured clear TV transmission.


A cheer went up for the women rowers as they took to the water for this historic day and bemusement that it has taken the UK until 2015 for such equality to manifest itself.

Two new members, Bence and Johannes, had travelled all the way from Freiburg to join in the fun and the event was open to family and friends of members to make sure it was an inclusive family event (although the toffees provided were placed well out of children's reach but in easy reach of the adults . . .  for health purposes only).    

It was a mixture of 'ups and downs', depending on the colour of clothing worn by the members, with the Cambridge alumni being somewhat comforted by the performance of their lightweights at Henley, if not the main race itself.  

The international flavour of the blues rowers was reflected in our membership which included diverse members from Hungary, Germany, France, Macedonia and of course Wales!  

We are looking forward to the 2016 Boat Race when we will again join with the rowers from Aviron to celebrate the event - please come and join us!  

All group membership queries should be sent to strasbourg@ousoc.oxon.org.

Kyrie James – Secretary, Oxford & Cambridge Society of Strasbourg