The art treasures of St Petersburg

The beautiful city of St Petersburg, often known as the ‘Venice of the North’, was founded by Peter the Great to demonstrate his wish that Russia was a major power with its roots firmly fixed in Europe. Accompanied by Professor Leporc, explore this grandest of cities with its elegant buildings and unsurpassed palaces located both in the city and the surrounding countryside. The visit has been specially planned for the end of February when the snow makes everything picturesque and the city looks magnificent.

Volunteer Leadership Forum and Alumni Weekend in Oxford - September 2018

Alumni group officers from across the globe came together in Oxford last month to share their successes and take home top tips for running their groups at the Volunteer Leadership Forum.

More than 30 groups were represented at the event, held in the Mathematical Institute on Woodstock Road, with committee members attending from as far afield as the US and Australia.