Oxford and Cambridge Society of Malaysia - 'Great Personalities' talk series

The ongoing transformation of Malaysia Airlines was described by its Group Managing Director and CEO, Peter Bellew, at a popular event in Kuala Lumpur.

Mr Bellew spoke about his first ten months in office during the talk entitled ‘300th day in office - KPIs revisited, road ahead.’

He described his career in the aviation industry and the work he immediately began upon
assuming his current position, including improving staff morale.

Mr Bellew plans to make the Malaysia Airlines story the greatest airline transformation initiative in history.

The making of the Himalaya: A geological traverse across Bhutan

Traverse the Kingdom of Bhutan, entering at Paro in the west and departing from the south east along the land border to Assam, India. During the journey you will explore the major building blocks of the Himalayan mountains and discuss their role in throwing up the highest mountain range on Earth and their impact on the Bhutanese who live amongst them. Journey with specialist Professor Nigel Harris who has published extensively on the geology of the Himalaya since 1985, when he crossed Tibet with Professor Augusto Gansser, the grandfather of Himalayan geology.

Along the Burma Road: Walks in the borderlands of Burma, China and Vietnam

Accompanied by Dr Charles Ramble, enjoy a number of easy walks (up to six hours per day) through this beautiful mountainous region, home to many ethnic minority groups who, over generations, have been marginalised to these remote lands. The journey begins in Burma’s Kachin State, one of the least visited areas in Asia and only just opening up to foreigners. Continue on to the southern borderland area of China with some of the country’s best preserved ancient villages. Cross into north Vietnam, an area of pristine beauty whose forests and eco-systems  are internationally recognised.

Medieval Loire: A hotel barge cruise along the Canal Latéral à la Loire

Join medieval historian Dr Rowena Archer on this very popular barge itinerary, cruising through the picturesque villages and vineyards of the Upper Loire. Cruise peacefully along the picturesque Canal Latéral à la Loire aboard an intimate hotel barge, chartered for exclusive use. Medieval treasures await at the Chateau de la Chapelle d’Angillon, an 11thcentury Romanesque chateau, and the Cluniac priory church of Sainte-Croix-Notre-Dame. Explore the thousand-year-old vineyards and cellars of Sancerre and Pouilly Fumé amid outstanding scenery.

Dr Desirée Cox, stem cell and regenerative medicine expert, and artist

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Dr Desirée Cox describes her extraordinary journey from growing up in a tough urban area in the Bahamas to becoming a Rhodes Scholar at Oxford. She focuses on her medical studies at Oxford and her pioneering work to establish a regulatory framework for stem cell research in her home country.

Exploring Romania: Wooden villages, painted churches and Saxon citadels

Over the course of its turbulent history, Romania has been subjected to the cultural influences of the ancient Greeks and Romans, Slav, Bulgarian and Hungarian invaders and, more recently, German settlers and Ottoman Turks. Under the expert guidance of Gillian Gloyer, learn how all these have blended with one another and with the ancient indigenous civilisation of the Geto-Dacians to give Romania a rich and varied culture with particularly wonderful art and architecture.

Baltic treasures: Latvia and Lithuania

Discover the ‘old-world’ charm of two beautiful countries with their strong central European values, traditions and cultures. Though Latvia and Lithuania are close neighbours, each has its own distinct history and traditions. Lithuania was a Grand Duchy and one of the most powerful states in Eastern Europe. Latvia by contrast was dominated for a long time by a German Order that brought  Christianity and later a financial boom. In Riga this led to an unrivalled growth of Art Nouveau architecture which can still be admired today.