Colombia: A rich and fascinating cultural history

Colombia’s diverse, colourful culture is an amalgamation of several influences, from a rich and fascinating pre-colonial history to the Spanish conquest and subsequent battles for independence. On this tour Dr Alexander Herrera will bring the ancient and modern cultures of this friendly and welcoming country to life. Admire Lake Guatavita, setting of the El Dorado ceremony of the pre-Columbian Muisca people. Tour a coffee plantation near Popayán, an old religious centre and colonial hub linking the viceroyalty of New Granada to Lima and Quito.

Dr Tom Crawford, mathematician and presenter

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Dr Tom Crawford, also known as the Naked Mathematician, shares his love of Maths and describes how he is dispelling stereotypes to explain Maths to teenagers. He speaks about his new Naked Maths video series, in which he explores mathematical patterns in an entertaining and hands-on way, from the formation of ocean waves to hexagonal honeycombs.

The Economist

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Many people think The Economist is only about economics. It’s not. It’s about pretty much everything. From politics to business and finance, from science and technology to the arts – The Economist brings their readers clear analysis of the issues that lie behind each week’s global news stories. The Economist satisfies the naturally curious with a distilled view of world affairs that is intelligent, insightful and thought-provoking.

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Wednesday, May 31, 2017 - 09

OUS Canberra - May morning celebrations

Alumni came together in the Australian capital to mark the coming of spring at OUS Canberra’s May morning celebrations.

Around 70 Oxonians and performers sipped champagne and tucked into croissants as they watched the spectacle.

Canberra’s equivalent to Magdalen Tower and the River Cherwell is the Carillon on Aspen Island on Lake Burley Griffin, where alumni gathered to take part in celebrations.

The event featured a wonderful juxtaposition of the choir followed by the enthusiastic Morris dancing of the Surly Griffins.

£25 membership of the Oxford Writers’ House

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Oxford Writers’ House aims to inspire, connect, and give voice to writers in Oxford.

They offer some online resources for authors as well as Oxford-based academic and creative writing support through literary groups, events, and journals.

You can subscribe now.

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Friday, May 12, 2017 - 13