Students benefit from regional awards for medical placements overseas

Two Oxford medical students have embarked upon ‘inspirational’ medical placements on the African continent and in Central America this summer, thanks to a new regional bursary scheme.

Local alumni group OUS Cornwall has offered grants for the past five years to help Cornish students to help fund summer projects associated with their studies.

However, this year the group extended the scheme to include an additional bursary to fund a medical elective abroad for medical students with strong connections to Cornwall.

Oxford and Cambridge Society of Malaysia - 'Great Personalities' talk series

The ongoing transformation of Malaysia Airlines was described by its Group Managing Director and CEO, Peter Bellew, at a popular event in Kuala Lumpur.

Mr Bellew spoke about his first ten months in office during the talk entitled ‘300th day in office - KPIs revisited, road ahead.’

He described his career in the aviation industry and the work he immediately began upon
assuming his current position, including improving staff morale.

Mr Bellew plans to make the Malaysia Airlines story the greatest airline transformation initiative in history.