OUS South West France - Boat Race Event 2016

Once again, thanks to Jeremy James, 13 members and partners were able to meet the Boat Race crew during their annual training period at Le Temple-sur-Lot at the beginning of January.

This was the third year for this event and the day went, as always, extremely well. Jeremy started the event because he knew that OUBC trained on the Lot (one of the main rivers of southwestern France) every January and thought that it might be fun for both sides.

Travel and learn in 2016

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The addition of an expert trip scholars enhances this Oxford connection and for many travellers, this is the highlight of the trip. A traveller on a the recent Hellespont: Gateway of Legends tour in September 2015 said that their trip scholar 'was outstandingly good and well-nigh worth the whole cost of the tour on his own. As one would expect, his lectures were a model of how to communicate with an intelligent but lay audience.’

New trips for 2016 include:

  • The Mysteries of Persia
  • Chile: Astronomy Capital of the World
  • Images of Papua New Guinea

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