OUS Gloucestershire - Drinks Party

Some 25 Oxonians representing ten Oxford colleges attend a drinks party organised by OUS Gloucestershire in Cheltenham on Friday, 5 Febuary.

The party was kindly hosted by Oxford alumna Charlotte Fuller (Lincoln, 1986) at her flat in Montpellier, Cheltenham and was a lovely evening - very convivial with drinks and canapes.

It is always a pleasure to meet such interesting people who have had such a variety of life paths, some further advanced along than others, but who all have the Oxford experience in common.

OUS South West France - Boat Race Event 2016

Once again, thanks to Jeremy James, 13 members and partners were able to meet the Boat Race crew during their annual training period at Le Temple-sur-Lot at the beginning of January.

This was the third year for this event and the day went, as always, extremely well. Jeremy started the event because he knew that OUBC trained on the Lot (one of the main rivers of southwestern France) every January and thought that it might be fun for both sides.