OUS Victoria - Post Work Panacea

A group of Oxford alumni gathered at the Henley Club in Melbourne at the end of May to hear Rhodes Scholar Josh Funder talk about his book, Watson’s Pier, recently launched to commemorate the 100 year anniversary of the campaign at Gallipoli.

Tattered chairs, a raffish club and a long rainy trek down a dark lane on a winter's night didn't deter a terrific group gathering at the Henley Club for OUS Victoria's first "Post Work Panacea" event where we had a terrific discussion of Watson's Pier.

OUS Leeds & Bradford - Annual Dinner, May 2015

Some 16 members and guests sat down for their Annual Dinner at Devonshire Hall with the guest speaker Dr Nicholas Harberd of St John’s College, Sibthorpian professor of Plant Science.

The meal was most acceptable (soup or tapas, lamb, salmon or Mushroom Wellington, chocolate mousse or pear and almond tart).

After this, our guest - who grew up in Adel, Leeds before he went to Cambridge - told the assembled members about the problems a scientist like himself has in a world class university like Oxford - a fascinating 15 minute summary of his work.

Celebrating Oxford's historic victories on the Thames around the globe

Oxonians around the world joined in cheering on the Dark Blues as they rowed to a solid victory over their Cambridge rivals in the 2015 Boat Race.

More than 20 alumni boat race events were hosted around the world – from Vancouver in Canada to Victoria in Australia – to mark the occasion. 

All four Oxford rowing crews (men’s, women’s and reserves) won their races against Cambridge on a momentous afternoon when the women, for the first time, raced over the same gruelling course as the men.

Tomorrow's future depends on today's children

It all started when my partner, Jenny Tang, a fellow Oxonian, and I took a personal trip to Sri Lanka. We were planning to explore the country and its culture with the help of a local guide but - given both of our interests in social work and having heard that Sri Lanka has a large number of orphanages - we arranged two orphanages visits and decided to make the trip half-leisure and half-social.