Tomorrow's future depends on today's children

It all started when my partner, Jenny Tang, a fellow Oxonian, and I took a personal trip to Sri Lanka. We were planning to explore the country and its culture with the help of a local guide but - given both of our interests in social work and having heard that Sri Lanka has a large number of orphanages - we arranged two orphanages visits and decided to make the trip half-leisure and half-social.

OUS Victoria - Inaugural Geelong Event

OUS Victoria held their inaugural event in Geelong with a very successful get-together on Saturday, 18 April at Little Creatures Brewery in Geelong.

Pictured from left to right are: Oliver (Olga and Ben's son seated on Ben's knee), Jane Dai (Peter Lamb's partner), Steve, Olga, Kathryn, Sue (Erik Vahl Meyer's wife), Erik, Peter Lamb and Neville Greenhalge. Ann Hone was unable to attend.  

Oxford & Cambridge Society of Strasbourg - Oxford vs Cambridge Race

The Oxford & Cambridge Society of Strasbourg was once again warmly welcomed by the Aviron Rowing Club (established in 1881) to watch the Boat Race at their clubhouse on the L'ile.  

The ubiquitous 'Strasbourg hot dog' with Dijon mustard and excellent Alsacienne beer were served by Marie-Pierre behind the bar, as our resident IT specialist Nigel ensured clear TV transmission.