Nelson’s West Indies: Antigua, St Kitts and Nevis

Join maritime historian John Harris to go beyond the stunning beaches and lush scenery of the tropical Leeward Islands and delve into their colonial history. With sugar, slavery and sea power throwing Britain, Spain and France into continuous conflict in the 17th and 18th centuries, the contrasting islands of Antigua, St Kitts and Nevis have a fascinating story to tell as part of Britain’s once mighty empire.

Colombia: A rich and fascinating cultural history

Colombia’s diverse, colourful culture is an amalgamation of several influences, from a rich and fascinating pre-colonial history to the Spanish conquest and subsequent battles for independence. On this tour Dr Alexander Herrera will bring the ancient and modern cultures of this friendly and welcoming country to life. Admire Lake Guatavita, setting of the El Dorado ceremony of the pre-Columbian Muisca people. Tour a coffee plantation near Popayán, an old religious centre and colonial hub linking the viceroyalty of New Granada to Lima and Quito.

Brazil: Conserving the fauna and flora of Latin America’s greatest forests

Journey from colonial Paraty, a charming coastal town whose cobbled centre has been declared a national historic monument, to iconic Rio de Janeiro. Professor Speight will guide the exploration of the Atlantic rainforest that cloaks this verdant stretch of coast with visits to forest reserves and Rio itself. Learn about the fascinating imperial, colonial and industrial history of this area, and discuss the efforts being made to conserve it. Fly north to Manaus, Brazil’s gateway to the Amazon, and journey along the river aboard the charming Tucano riverboat.

Peru: Inhabiting the Andes

This trip includes fascinating pre-Inca sites not normally visited on a trip to Peru and will show the dazzling range of the country’s geography, from desert coast to the green valleys and soaring peaks of the Andes. Dr Nicholas James will discuss the history of the region’s inhabitants and their relationship with the landscape over the millennia. The journey includes a visit to Lima’s 5th-century Huaca Pucllana pyramid and the most important monuments of the northern coastal Moche (100–800AD) and Chimú (900–1470AD) cultures around Trujillo and Chiclayo.

Darwin's Galapagos: Cruise and colonial Quito

Journey with Dr Sally Gibson and witness nature in its most unaffected state while sailing the Galapagos archipelago. Dr Gibson has been researching in the Galapagos for more than ten years and will discuss the Charles Darwin and Galapagos Islands Fund, a partnership between Christ’s College, where Darwin studied, and the Galapagos Conservation Trust. Explore isolated islands rich with unique
creatures and dramatic scenery, and encounter miracles of evolution during this wildlife-filled adventure. You will also discover the history and culture of Colonial Quito.

Wildside India and heritage of Lucknow

Experience India’s rich history, vibrant heritage and natural wonders including rivers, jungles and wildlife. During your adventure you will experience thousands of years of history, including ancient palaces, medieval mosques and buzzing bazaars. Your exposure to India’s wildlife begins at Chambal, where you will see giant gharial (large, fish-eating crocodiles), turtles and the rare Ganges river dolphin. Journey to splendid Lucknow, known as the Golden City of India, which boasts historical architecture and a rich tradition of music and dance.

Dr Tom Crawford, mathematician and presenter

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Dr Tom Crawford, also known as the Naked Mathematician, shares his love of Maths and describes how he is dispelling stereotypes to explain Maths to teenagers. He speaks about his new Naked Maths video series, in which he explores mathematical patterns in an entertaining and hands-on way, from the formation of ocean waves to hexagonal honeycombs.