Wellington invades France: The final stages of the Peninsular War

Join expert historians Colonel Nick Lipscombe and Professor Jeremy Black as they follow in Wellington’s footsteps examining the final stages of the Peninsular War, where the allied powers of Spain, the United Kingdom and Portugal fought to repel the Napoleonic invasion of Spain and Portugal. Start this exclusive tour in picturesque Biarritz before setting off eastwards and examining Wellington’s battle-hardened army’s audacious crossing of the mighty Ardour River.

Provence and the Camargue: Barge cruise from Sète to Arles along the Rhône à Sète Canal

Enjoy a relaxing cruise with convivial company aboard a privately chartered first-class canal barge. Take in the fabulous scenery and architecture from its bright lounge or sundeck whilst enjoying a relaxing mix of complimentary wines, drinks and French cuisine. Enjoy insightful lectures from your trip scholar, Dr Catherine Sumnall, detailing the social and economic history as well as the landscape of this region from the early modern period to the 19th century.


Albania: Hidden gem of Europe

Discover Albania’s glorious scenery, fascinating culture and world-class archaeology as it emerges from decades of Communist isolation. Join Gillian Gloyer, author of the Bradt Travel Guide to Albania and expert on Albania’s treasures, to gain unique historical and cultural insights as you explore this charming country. You will visit UNESCO-listed ruins and protected hillside towns, and will walk in the shoes of the ancient Romans along the Via Egnatia, discovering a host of classical sites including Antigonea, Byllis, Oricum and the former Greek colony of Durres. 

Art treasure of Dresden

Discover Dresden in the company of Lars Tharp, art historian, lecturer and broadcaster – best known for his work on the BBC’s Antiques Roadshow, as well as Hidden Treasures and Art of the Baroque. Together you will explore the cultural riches of this beautiful historic city including Dresden’s Royal Palace, the former seat of the Saxon government and home to the fabulous Green Vault treasure chamber. You will visit the Zwinger Palace, and its Old Masters Picture Gallery, which includes works by Raphael (notably his Sistine Madonna), Botticelli, Velázquez, Dürer, Vermeer and Rembrandt.

Hogarth’s world in London

Described as the grandfather of political cartoon, William Hogarth was an 18th-century English painter, printmaker and pictorial satirist. He entertained his public with narrative stories in pictures, lifted from the events of the day. Join Lars Tharp, art historian, lecturer and broadcaster in London, on
a two-day serpentine trail of William Hogarth, following his progress from apprentice to England’s pre-eminent artist and social observer.


The Russian north: A journey from St Petersburg to Moscow

Experience the ‘unchanged’ Russian north from the 16th and 17th centuries, with towns and cities such as Vologda, Belozersk, Kargopol, Solovki and Archangel, which prospered from the salt and timber trade with Europe. Economic activity in the north ceased after St Petersburg became a major port, and the cities remained inaccessible until the late 19th century, when the railways finally linked them.

Classic voyage north: The Viking heritage tour

Awaken the explorer in you on this cruise adventure and cultural exploration of Norway’s rugged coastline. With its stirring and varied landscapes, the Norwegian coast is one of the most spectacular destinations in the world. You will visit some of the major coastal cities, as well as remote communities. From beautiful islands and fjords to the wilderness of Arctic northern Norway, you’ll go face-to face with natural wonders, as well as enjoy sightseeing tours including a Viking ship museum and a ‘meet the Vikings’ shore excursion.


Jewels at the Baltic Gates: Tallinn and Helsinki

While only a short trip across the Gulf of Finland separates Finland and Estonia, for all their differences, it might as well be a giant ocean. Join Professor Alexei Leporc and explore the history, architecture, art, music and national identities of these two countries with a visit to Tallinn and Helsinki. In Helsinki you will focus on the works of one of the greatest 20th century European architects and designers, Alvar Allto, including his stunning University at Otaniemi. You will explore Tallinn and its charming mixture of Gothic, baroque, classical and neo-Russian monuments.

Romance of the Douro River

Explore Lisbon, one of the most beautiful and intiguing cities in the world and visit the spectacular Jerónimos Monastery, the Tower of Belem and the rather more contemporary Padrão dos Descobrimentos. Cruise the Douro River on a cultural voyage of discovery on a round trip from Porto, taking in the sites and savouring the tastes and sounds of Portugal and Spain. As you cruise along the meandering Douro you will visit fishing villages, traditional and medieval towns, as well as vineyards along the famous wine trail.