There are more than 230,000 Oxford alumni in the UK and overseas, so wherever you are based, there’s probably a local group to help you stay connected to the University. Or you might want to get involved with one of the growing number of academic or interest-based groups for Oxonians.

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UK alumni groups

Find your nearest group and get involved with a range of activities for alumni of all ages, from sky diving to wine tasting.

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International alumni groups

Around one-third of Oxford’s alumni live outside the UK. Find your nearest group in the international network.

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Group events

See the full events calendar for activities in your region or contact your local group to be added to their mailing list.




Shared interest groups

Groups coordinated by University departments; based on academic subjects; hobbies, sport and Museum Friends groups.

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About alumni groups

Frequently asked questions about the alumni network; our networks blog and information on setting up your own group.

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College links

Keep in touch with your college! Many have their own regional alumni groups and run their own magazines, events and benefits.