Distinguished Friends of Oxford

DFO 013 procession

The Distinguished Friend of Oxford Award was initiated in 1997 to provide the University with a means of formally recognising individuals who have acted as exceptional volunteers for the benefit of the wider collegiate University. The first awards were presented in 1998.

The Award recognises those who have given of their time, contacts and influence in support of an initiative beyond that which can be recognised through traditional channels. Their impact will have been profound and the results would have been impossible to achieve using current available resources. Separate from any financial contributions, their legacy will have had a lasting impact on the collegiate University and they will be perceived as role models to other volunteer contributors.

Distinguished Friends need not be alumni of Oxford. They should not be employees of the University nor of any of its constituent colleges or departments.
The scheme is run by the Directorate of Alumni Relations and a call for nominations usually comes in December each year. Nominations are reviewed by the Portfolio Executive Group of the Pro-Vice-Chancellor for Development and External Affairs, by the Vice-Chancellor and then by Council’s Development and Alumni Relations Committee.

Awards are presented at a ceremony hosted by the Vice-Chancellor, which is typically held in June in Oxford.

The deadline for nominations was 4pm on Thursday 9 January 2014.