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London Summer Reception 2011

Thanks to everyone who attended our London Summer Reception 2011. We were privileged to enjoy access to thirteen merchants during the evening, with an introduction from Oz Clarke (Pembroke).




Oxford European Reunion 2011, Paris

More than 500 Oxford alumni, guests, staff and academics enjoyed a wonderful European Reunion in Paris over the first weekend in May.

The Reunion offered opportunities to meet new people, connect with fellow college alumni, engage with the Chancellor and Vice-Chancellor, and hear from some of Oxford’s academic stars, all against the backdrop of one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Exclusive venues, including the Sorbonne and École Militaire, were the hallmarks of this reunion and provided dazzling backdrops for each event. Rich, stimulating content took the form of an amazing talk by Sir Brian Unwin (New College) on Napoleon’s last days on St Helena followed by an excellent panel moderated by the Chancellor on a topic of timely importance (‘Europe in the World’), and Professor Timothy Garton Ash on ‘What Europe for Our Grandchildren?’  The final event of the weekend was Sunday brunch at the British Ambassador’s Residence, hosted by Ambassador Sir Peter Westmacott (New College) and his wife.

This was the second official European Reunion and we're already looking forward to the third in 2013!