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Please note that we are not able to accept any new partners into the Alumni Card Scheme at present as we will be reviewing the scheme. If you are interested in joining the scheme, please read the information below and complete the online application form for new card partners and we will look at this information during the review in 2013.

The Oxford University Alumni Office works with a number of partners as part of our Alumni Card Scheme. These partners provide Oxford alumni with access to discounts on a wide range of products and services.

We aim to offer a service which is exclusive and of genuine interest to alumni, so we consider new potential partners in the Alumni Card Scheme carefully and on an individual basis. However, in order to provide some guidance to companies interested in offering a discount or particular service to Oxford alumni, we have put together the following information on how we select Alumni Card offers:

  • Appropriateness of the offer: Partners should share the values of our organisation and offers should be in-keeping with the wider ethos of the scheme to provide alumni with targeted benefits.
  • Unique Benefit: The benefits we favour are exclusive to Oxford alumni. For example, a special discount or access to a product or service that members would be unable to obtain elsewhere in the marketplace.
  • Wide appeal: We select offers which we deem will appeal to the largest segment of our alumni population as possible. For example, national and online offers.
  • Quality: High quality products and services are essential. Excellent customer service is also important, and we may approach a referee.
  • Variety: We want to provide alumni with a wide range of offers. However, we must ensure that there is not too much overlap between the products or services on offer. We will not introduce any offers which we deem to be too closely related to our Travel Programme.
  • Value: The cost of the product or service must represent good value for our alumni, along with the extent of the offer. We prioritise companies able to offer a minimum 10% discount.
  • Marketing support: We favour companies able to commit to paying for at least one advert per year in relevant publications (see the marketing opportunities page for more details), although we are unable to guarantee advertising space in any particular publication. We also favour companies willing to create 'extra special' offers or promotions for e-Pidge, for example time-limited offers with higher discounts than usual.
  • Commission-based arrangements: We are keen to introduce more offers which include a commission arrangement for the Alumni Office as these enable us to further invest in the services and activities we offer to Oxford alumni.


The above criteria are intended for guidance only and the final decision on new partners in the Alumni Card Scheme is at the discretion of the Alumni Office.

If you would like to offer a discount or particular service to Oxford alumni we would recommend that you read the Alumni Card section of the website, and ask that you then complete the online application form for new partners. If you are an alumnus/a please also read the information for alumni-run businesses who wish to offer a discount to alumni.

If you have any queries please email or telephone +44 (0)1865 611617.