Celebrating black legacy at Oxford

04 Nov 2019

Thanks to a media fascination with the days of Oxbridge past, Oxford’s longstanding diversity problems are well documented. To a lesser degree, so are the University’s increasing efforts to encourage applications from students from under-represented backgrounds, and build a more inclusive environment in general.

But what of the black and minority ethnic students who do successfully gain a place at Oxford University? Beyond the click-bait headlines Oxford has forged a connection to something much more powerful, and worthy of celebration: black excellence. 

In recent years, Oxford has made strides towards addressing the University’s student body imbalance, and is currently attracting more black and minority ethnic students than ever before (18.3%) as a result.

Launched in 2017, the Oxford Black Alumni Network connects hundreds of black Oxford graduates with peers from across the generations. Through these connections and sharing their achievements, the platform allows them to be power players in the University’s legacy, future, and access to higher education in general. For current and aspiring Oxford students, their experiences are an encouraging appeal to dream bigger, achieve their goals and follow in their footsteps.

In recognition of Black History Month and the legacy of black achievement at the University, five members of the Black Alumni Network shared their Oxford stories .

Find out more about the Oxford Black Alumni Network - https://www.oxfordblackalumni.org/

Follow them on Twitter  @oxfordblackalum

Both picture credits: Robert Taylor

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