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Student Awards

OUS Dorset's 2015 Travel Award recipient Nicholas Turner (centre) with students at a school in Hong Kong.


Several alumni groups in the UK make annual awards to students from their region currently studying at Oxford.

Awards are used to support a range of opportunities including internships, long vacation projects and travel.

This year bursaries were available for students from: Cornwall (£250-£500), Dorset (£350), East Kent (£750), East Sussex (£300) and Hertfordshire (£300).

Cornish medical students Robin Jones (St Hilda's) and Bethany Kingston (Corpus Christi) were among those to benefit from this year’s award schemes.

They both received grants from OUS Cornwall to enable them to undertake medical placements abroad over the summer, through an extension of the group’s awards scheme. Read more.

The schemes have now closed for this year. Details of future awards will be published here in early 2018.