Along the Burma Road: Walks in the borderlands of Burma, China and Vietnam

10 October 2018 to 29 October 2018
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China, Burma, Vietnam

Accompanied by Dr Charles Ramble, enjoy a number of easy walks (up to six hours per day) through this beautiful mountainous region, home to many ethnic minority groups who, over generations, have been marginalised to these remote lands. The journey begins in Burma’s Kachin State, one of the least visited areas in Asia and only just opening up to foreigners. Continue on to the southern borderland area of China with some of the country’s best preserved ancient villages. Cross into north Vietnam, an area of pristine beauty whose forests and eco-systems  are internationally recognised.


  • Visit the Shan royal town of Hsipaw, situated in beautiful hill country, north-east of Mandalay 
  • Learn more about the lowland and highland ethnic groups on the Burmese/China border including the Dai, Deang, Lisu and Achang
  • Walk through the spectacular Yangyang River Terraces etched into the steep Ailo Mountains
  • Explore the ancient town of Jianshui which dates back to the Jin Dynasty of 300AD
  • Spend three nights in Sapa, an old French hill station situated amongst the towering peaks of North Vietnam
  • Finish in Hanoi, a delightful contrast from the hill tribes and beauty of the last couple of weeks

Trip scholar

Professor Charles Ramble (Hertford, 1979), former Lecturer in Tibetan and Himalayan Studies, University of Oxford and an Emeritus Fellow of Wolfson College

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