Along the Golden Road from Samarkand: A journey through Central Asia

10 April 2018 to 24 April 2018
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Few landmarks have tantalised the minds of travellers more than the legendary cities of Central Asia. Originally caravanserais on the Golden Trade route across Central Asia, they developed into thriving centres of commerce and culture. Under the ferocious medieval warrior-kings, Genghis Khan and then Tamerlane and their descendants, they assumed inimitable power and splendour and became cosmopolitan hubs of science and art. Accompanied by Professor Charles Melville, learn more of the history and culture of these great centres of learning and commerce remotely located behind barriers of deserts and mountains.


  • Visit the Registan in Samarkand, ‘the noblest square in the world’
  • Explore the beautifully preserved ‘Divine Bukhara’ where many of the architectural styles became models for the rest of the Islamic world
  • Learn about the ancient city of Nisa, seat of the Parthian Kings at their height in the 3rd century and now a UNESCO World Heritage site
  • Cross the mighty Oxus River and Karakum Desert, with its splendid array of spring flowers
  • The journey finishes in the marvellous city of Khiva where it is still possible to experience the timelessness of a Central Asian caravan town

Trip scholar

Professor Charles Melville, Director of Studies in Asian and Middle East Studies, University of Cambridge

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