Trip scholar

Dr Jamie Greenbaum, Visiting Fellow, The Australian National University
Jamie specialises in Ming dynasty cultural history. He has led trips to China since 2003 and has been resident in Beijing since 2004


  • Journey through the rural backwaters of China, exploring its traditional villages and its two most sacred mountains

  • Traverse through water towns and visit ancient waterways, which were once the very backbone of this ancient empire

  • Enjoy a three day cruise on the Yangtse River, passing through some of the most dramatic landscapes in China

  • Take a private boat to the extraordinary Leshan Buddha, the largest stone carved Buddha in the world

  • Explore the Pearl River Delta, with its fecund soil, limpid rivers and karst mountains

  • Experience China away from tourist hotspots and explore sites writ large in the Chinese imagination





Flexible booking policy: all deposits fully refundable up until March 2021

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This journey will take you into the rural backwaters and remote landscapes of China. You will explore the traditional villages that remain tucked away as though time has stood still, as well as the water towns and ancient waterways, which were once the very backbone of this ancient empire. You will also visit two of the holy mountains, taking in their cultural sites and significance, and uncover China’s religious and literary traditions.

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