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  • Walk through Cuc Phuong, the first and one of the most impressive national parks in Vietnam

  • Spend time with a traditional family in the ancient village of Dong Ngac, a 'native village of the high-educated literary mandarins'

  • In Hoa Binh Province learn more of the Muong and Thai ethnic minorities

  • Explore the ancient tea plantations and terraced rice paddies in the picturesque Mai Chau valley

  • Visit the ancient Capital of Hoa Lu with its enchanting temple

  • Meander along the serene waterways on a series of small rowing boats, surrounded by water lilies, lotus and reeds, and exotic birds


October 2022



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Join us to discover Vietnam, one of the most diverse and exciting destinations in Southeast Asia. Through a series of moderate walks (4-6 hours) you will explore some of the more remote regions in this vibrant and spectacular country. This itinerary covers breath-taking landscapes from limestone cliffs to UNESCO World Heritage archaeological sites, dynamic cities with strong colonial influences to dramatic coastal paths picturesque bays, including the beautiful and otherworldly Lin Ha Bay – a much less visited coastline than the more popular Halong Bay. Discover a Vietnam where ancient custom sits happily alongside the modern and where the street and village is still the heart of social life.

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