Magical Madagascar: Evolution and zoology of a Gondwanaland Island

07 August 2018 to 20 August 2018
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Accompanied by ecologist and University of Oxford lemur expert Ryan Burke, discover the incredible flora and fauna of Madagascar, uninhabited by man until just 2,000 years ago. Witness what happens when an isolated island is left to evolve without large predators for 165 million years. 80% of Madagascar’s species are endemic and its protected reserves and rainforests contain amazingly diverse wildlife. Go in search of impish ringtailed lemurs, dancing sifakas and brightly coloured chameleons, frogs and butterflies.


  • Delight in finding a diverse range of the island’s 33 species of lemurs, a primate found nowhere else on earth
  • Discover totally unique flora and fauna – 5% of all known animal and plant species worldwide are found only in Madagascar
  • Learn about some of the island’s six endemic baobab tree species 
  • Enjoy some of Madagascar’s glorious white sand beaches and unspoiled Indian Ocean coastline
  • Discover some of the island’s 70 species of singing birds and parrots

Trip scholar

Ryan Burke, MPhil researcher, Biodiversity Institute, University of Oxford

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