A tribal odyssey: Culture and wildlife of North East India

01 November 2018 to 18 November 2018
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North East India

Northeast India is wedged between the borders of Bhutan, Myanmar, and Tibet, this little-visited outpost of India is a land of dense forests, meandering rivers, and sprawling tea gardens. The wildlife is rich, especially in the UNESCO-listed Kaziranga National Park, and 90% of the local population are adivasis, members of India’s indigenous tribes. From the colourfully-attired Apatanis, who live in rice-rich Arunachal Pradesh, to the Nagas, former head hunters known for their fierceness in battle, you will meet communities often side-lined in the narrative of modern India, but whose identity and traditions are a significant part of the Subcontinent’s cultural tapestry.

You will be accompanied on this journey by Zara Fleming, a lecturer, independent art consultant and experienced tour leader. Zara specialises in the art and culture of the Buddhist Himalayas and Myanmar and has been travelling in the Himalayas for over 40 years.


  • Experience the way of life of the Naga communities and delight in their traditional textiles, wood carving and body ornaments
  • Visit Ahom temples and tea gardens in Assam
  • Visit the Tribal village Longwa to meet the Tattooed Head-hunters.
  • Visit Kohima, the famous WW2 site where the Japanese forces were finally halted.

Trip scholar

Zara Fleming, specialist in the art and culture of the Buddhist Himalayas, Victoria & Albert Museum, the Orient Foundation and Asia House

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