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Distinguished Friends of Oxford

The Distinguished Friend of Oxford (DFO) Award was initiated in 1997 to provide the University with a means of formally recognising individuals who have acted as exceptional volunteers for the benefit of the wider collegiate University. The first awards were presented in 1998.

The Award recognises those who have given of their time, contacts and influence in support of an initiative beyond that which can be recognised through traditional channels. Their impact will have been profound and the results would have been impossible to achieve using current available resources. Separate from any financial contributions, their legacy will have had a lasting impact on the collegiate University and they will be perceived as role models to other volunteer contributors.

Recipients of the 2016 Awards were honoured at a ceremony at Harris Manchester College on 18 June.

For further information, please contact the Director of Alumni Relations at christine.fairchild@alumni.ox.ac.uk

2016 recipients

Ms Shahnaz BatmanghelidjMs Shahnaz Batmanghelidj (Somerville College, 1975)

Shahnaz Batmanghelidj (Somerville College, 1975) has been on the Board of Directors of the University’s primary charity in the USA, Americans for Oxford, Inc. (AFO), since February 2005. She is an enthusiastic and dedicated volunteer who fully embraces her responsibilities as a member of AFO while seeking to be of assistance to the wider collegiate University. 

Shahnaz brings a deep devotion to Oxford and a strong background in finance and administration to the Board’s deliberations, providing invaluable guidance as it fulfils its fiduciary responsibilities. Additionally, she has identified and recruited seven new members to the Board, including its current Chairman. 

In 2005, Shahnaz suggested the idea of planning a reunion in Oxford for alumni who matriculated in 1975.  Shahnaz spearheaded this effort spending a great deal of time and energy to form a committee of thirty-seven fellow alumni that organized a weekend program in Oxford with events including a degree ceremony, talks by the Chancellor and Vice-Chancellor, tours of the Bodleian Library and Ashmolean Museum, and a reunion ball.  This hugely successful event would prove to be the catalyst for the initiation of Alumni Weekends in Oxford.  

In subsequent years she has helped with organizing and hosting many events in New York for Oxford. She enthusiastically promotes these dinners amongst her fellow alumni, helping to ensure a high level of attendance for each of these events.

Michael G. McCafferyMichael G. McCaffery (Merton, 1975)

Michael G. McCaffery (Merton, 1975) has served the University through his critical work in supporting the creation of Oxford University Endowment Management Ltd (OUem) and The Oxford Funds, as well as his far-reaching service to the Rhodes Trust. Michael was involved from the inception of OUem in 2007, providing guidance and support to the team and agreeing to serve on the investment committee of the fund in 2011. He brings a wealth of investment experience and knowledge from his respected career in finance and his work from 2000 to 2006 as President and CEO of the Stanford Management Company. 

Michael has worked to strengthen the University via strategic oversight of The Oxford Funds and by making investments for the long-term growth of capital for 22 colleges, five collegiate charities and trusts, and the central University.

Michael also serves the Rhodes Trust with great commitment, enthusiasm and characteristic diligence, playing a key governance role for the Rhodes Scholarships as a Rhodes Trustee and as Chairman of the Finance and Investment Committee. He is the longest-serving Rhodes Scholar Trustee (serving since 2007) and is also a benefactor to the Rhodes Trust. 

Michael is Board Chairman and Managing Director of Makena Capital Management. He holds a BA from Princeton University, where he attended the Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs; a BA and MA as a Rhodes Scholar from Merton and an MBA from the Stanford Graduate School of Business. He was President and CEO of Stanford Management Company from 2000-2006, is Director of NVidia Corporation, C3 IOT,   and is on the Advisory boards of Accel Ventures, Silver Lake Partners and SPO Partners.  

Gabriel Moss QCGabriel Moss QC (St. Catherine’s, 1968)

Gabriel Moss QC (St. Catherine’s, 1968) has been involved in teaching insolvency law for the Oxford Law Faculty since 2001. Appointed in 2011 as Visiting Professorship on the basis of his contribution to research and practice in the field of corporate insolvency law, he has taught the Corporate Insolvency course on the Bachelor of Civil Law (BCL), Magister Juris (MJur), and MSc Law and Finance (MLF) . 

Appointed as visiting professor, Gabriel delivers lectures and leads associated seminars. Significantly, he also attends the majority of seminars held throughout the course, and makes significant contributions to the discussions in each. He has also taught a large number of tutorials on the subject. Gabriel is a generous teacher who encourages students to articulate and develop their views. Students delight in interacting with someone who has been counsel in almost all the significant corporate insolvency cases of the last two decades. His contribution to the teaching of this course has been enormously valuable.

In short, Gabriel has given freely of his expertise and experience for the benefit of all at Oxford, both students and faculty members, as well as those visiting Oxford for invited conferences. His contribution has greatly enriched the study of insolvency law at Oxford.

Currently practising from barristers’ chambers, South Square, Gabriel specialises in UK, EU, EEA and international insolvency and restructuring, as well as company, banking, financial services, commercial chancery and offshore law and litigation. As well as being Visiting Professor in Corporate Insolvency Law at Oxford University, Gabriel sits part-time as a deputy High Court judge of the Chancery Division and is a Bencher at Lincoln’s Inn.

Jin ParkDr Jin Park (St Antony’s)

Dr Park Jin (St Antony’s) has been a long term supporter of Oxford and has greatly helped the University develop its networks in Korea. As President of the Oxford University Society of Korea, he has made the society more robust and injected energy into the alumni community. Dr Park has also overseen an initiative of connecting established alumni with recent graduates in order to identify job opportunities for the latter. In addition, he has promoted Oxford’s interests in Korea to the Korean government, and to other organizations such as the British Korean Society, of which he has been President.
Dr Park has been supportive of Oxford facilitating visits to Korea over the years by Vice-Chancellors and other senior figures from the University, including visits from Professor Andrew Hamilton in 2013 and 2014. He was appointed CBE (Commander of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire) in 2013 for services to strengthening UK/Republic of Korea bilateral relations.

Dr Park currently serves as the Executive President of the Asia Future Institute, an independent policy think-tank designed to conduct research on the future development of Asia and to promote Korea’s role in the region. He is a regular member of the Seoul Forum for International Affairs. He is currently the Wilson Center Global Fellow and Chair Professor at the Graduate School of International and Area Studies of Hankuk University of Foreign Studies. 

Nicholas SteneckProfessor Nicholas Steneck

Professor Nick Steneck has been a special adviser to the University in the complex area of research integrity and has given his time to Oxford pro bono, travelling long distances to contribute to meetings, seminars, and conferences. His knowledge, insights and extensive experience in the field of research integrity and the teaching of the responsible conduct of research have all contributed to his status as a valued expert and trusted friend of the University.
At Oxford’s request he has also been a special adviser to the League of European Research Universities (LERU) Expert Group on Research Integrity, currently chaired by Oxford. In 2006 he undertook a landmark assessment of how the University of Oxford’s processes complied with US federal requirements in relation to research policy and made recommendations for improvement that are of longstanding significance.
Professor Steneck, Professor Emeritus of History at the University of Michigan, is a distinguished academic who has worked on the history of research misconduct policy, the teaching of responsible conduct of research, the use of animals in research, classified research and academic freedom, the role of values in university research, and research on research integrity.  He is co-founder of the World Conferences on Research Integrity and the driving force behind the development of the global Singapore Statement on Research Integrity (2010). He is also the lead advisor for Epigeum/Oxford University Press research integrity training initiatives. 
He co-chaired and organised the programmes for the World Conferences on Research Integrity in Portugal (2007) and Singapore (2010) and will co-chair and programme the next World Conference.

Mrs Terry Wykowski and Mrs Nancy BrownMrs Terry Wykowski (Pembroke, 1982) and Mrs Nancy Brown (Somerville, 1980)
Terry and Nancy have served on the Organising Committee of OUS Houston for over 20 years, and during that time the group has organised a wide range of events for alumni in the local area including speaker events, drinks receptions, boat race and cultural events. They have ensured that the group attracts members of all ages, including alumni with young families, and are now in the process of establishing a younger alumni network.

Nancy Brown (Somerville, 1980) served as co-Chair of the OUS Houston for 15 years and currently serves as the group's Historian. Nancy maintained all communications with OUS Houston members, organized events, conducted Executive Committee meetings, organized mail outs, created invitations, wrote emails, kept all organizational records and wrote welcome letters to all newcomers. As a Board member, Nancy continues to organize events. Nancy has attended the Alumni Weekend in Oxford every year for ten years.  

Terry (Pembroke, 1982) is Chair of OUS Houston and a trustee of the Pembroke College Foundation, Inc. The Pembroke College Foundation was organized in 1984 at the suggestion of then-Master Sir Roger Bannister to help support Pembroke College and to nurture the Pembroke College community in North America. This independent, not-for-profit entity provides the favoured tax-efficient giving route for American alumni of Pembroke College. 

Over the years, Terry and Nancy have worked tirelessly to support the University, taking flights totalling 150,000 miles, making a 4,000-mile road trip to New York, and carving out time for the European Alumni Weekends. Terry’s dedicated service led her to be profiled in the Trinity, 2014 edition of Oxford Today. Terry also sat for 3 years on the organising Committee for the Annual Oxford Distinguished Fulbright Lecture series hosted by Pembroke College, a series which has since 2011 brought a number of outstanding American speakers to Oxford to honour the name of Senator T. William Fulbright.

Nancy and Terry have worked together all these years with the single purpose of strengthening the bonds between local Oxford alumni and the University through communications and events. They achieve their purpose by strengthening the bonds of friendship and connection among the members.

Tan YangDr Tan Yang (Templeton, 2005)
Dr Tan Yang (Templeton, 2005) has helped the University increase its reach within China and was instrumental in developing the Oxford-Creat Graduate Scholarships, which are fully-endowed scholarships for students from China and Hong Kong, ensuring that generations of students from China and Hong Kong, regardless of their background, will have exceptional educational opportunities. 
Dr Yang has also introduced new opportunities for research funding and commercialization, started new relationships with benefactors in China and diversified the University’s links with China.
As a trusted adviser to the Oxford China Office, Dr Yang has been generous with his time and unfailing in his support. As an influential leader in the business community in China, he has used his unique position to advance the University’s reputations and is also a keen supporter of the Saïd Business School. 
Dr Yang is the Managing Director of Creat Capital Company Ltd, an investment conglomerate in China. He is also Assistant Secretary-General of the China International Chamber of Commerce for the Private Sector, a business association which aims to help Chinese private businesses expand overseas and compete in the global market.

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