Welcome to your new Oxford

Congratulations on leaving Oxford! We know that the end of your academic time here was very different from how you expected it to be, but we're so happy to welcome you into the next part of your Oxford journey.

Here's what happens...

Throughout the year we're emailing you to activate your My Oxford Online account.

It's really important that you click the button, and here's why: GDPR. This data protection legislation means that unless you opt-in to hearing from them, no one from your college, department or the central University (that includes us, the Alumni Office!) will be able to contact you via email. With the links in the emails we send you, you'll be able to quickly (and we do mean quick, less than a minute) choose who you want to hear from.

If you haven't received an email from us yet, don't worry! Not everyone leaves Oxford at the same time and we send these throughout the year. If you're worried you've missed it, check your spam/junk box because the digital gremlins may have put us in there! The email will be from the account:

This email will be sent to your primary address as it currently stands (this is most likely your college address, if you want to update your email address before you leave you need to do this via Student Self Service. Two months after you leave, you can do any and all updates via your My Oxford Online account.

For further information on finishing IT use at Oxford, please visit here

For further information regarding degree ceremonies, please visit here.