How can you help the next generation?

We all know that this has been a turbulent time particularly for the graduating classes, but you can help give them a kickstart by offering an internship, through the Summer Internship Programme.

We've had internships take place all over the world and in a huge variety of industries; from tech to non-profit, and finance to film.

Oxford University students are bright, inquisitive, analytical, talented, hard working, energetic and ambitious and can be a huge asset to your organisation.

The programme is advertised through the Careers Service online platform CareerConnect. With more than 24,000 students signing up every year the internship ads get a huge amount of engagement.

With the onset of coronavirus, internships can take place either remotely or in-person at your premises.

Application deadlines

International businesses: 4 January
UK businesses: 8 February


For further details on how to offer an internship and more detailed FAQs head to the Careers Service website:



What students say

Johanna Manon Cress (St Antony's, 2018) MSt Diplomatic Studies

Intern at United Nations Volunteers (UNV)

Working for the UNV's Regional Office in Amman has been an enjoyable and enriching experience. My main task has been focused on the UNV Youth Modality report to increase the deployment of youth volunteers in the region. This involved looking into the development challenges, such as youth unemployment in the ASECIS region. I also was liasing directly with the field units and potential new partners. In order to help with the workload, I also recruited 9 UN Online Volunteers who helped me in compiling a section on youth policies, strategies and programmes of governments and UN agencies in the region. Through the creation of this report, I was able to learn more about development challenges, youth policies and strategies.

People in Jordan are overall incredibly friendly and welcoming, and this quickly made me feel at home in a country I had not visited before. I also took the opportunity to take weekly Arabic private classes from a Syrian refugee which has been very valuable. I highly recommend you pursue this opportunity in Amman!

Camille Gosset (Wolfson, 2018) MPhil Development Studies

Intern at 2degrees

I loved this internship. Though the learning curve flattened after a while, I still learned a lot about customer service, the systems used by such teams, and most of all, about sustainability and how it can be improved across supply chains. This last part in particular is exactly what I wanted to learn, and I feel very lucky to have had access to this learning experience even though my degree does not focus directly on sustainability. Furthermore, I simply move working for this specific organization. I love the start-up atmosphere, the dedication of the team to reducing carbon emissions, and in general the strong spirit of collaboration. It has been an overall exciting and positive experience.

Ben Angel (Kellogg, 2015) DPhil Ancient History

Intern at Oriel Square Publishing and Strategy

The people at Oriel Square were lovely - from the start they were welcoming and keen to ensure that I felt part of the team. There was a very pleasant working atmosphere in which I always felt motivated to do a good job. I was given a variety of different tasks to do so that I had a good overview of the publishing industry, and although these experiences haven't changed my desire to do editorial work if I manage to get into publishing, I do feel that I benefited from getting experience in so many new areas.

Chien Hung Wu (Wadham, 2016) MPhys Physics

Intern at CERN-European Organization for Nuclear Research

 I had one of my best summer experience during my stay in Geneva. The lasting impression would be the inclusive atmosphere at CERN as there were 300+ summer students from around 100 countries and I have made very good friends. The scale of ongoing and future projects is absolutely gigantic, I had visited all the four underground detectors of the Large Hadron Collider and they are very impressive. The amount of international collaboration and resources that was devoted to the LHC project is enormous and it brings the science community over the world together.


What alumni say

Jason Pronyk (St Anthony’s, 1997)

Regional Manager of the United Nations Volunteer programme in the Arab States, Europe and CIS

The internship office manages the advertisement, identification, and recruitment professionally. In the context of a global pandemic, the office's flexibility allowed interns to adapt and required the UN Regional Office to deploy new communication channels, supervision and management so the intern was able to excel. The result was a win-win, exposing the intern to how a UN Regional Office must adapt to a Global Pandemic.

As a decade long partner of the Oxford University Careers Service, the United Nations has benefitted from the skills, innovation and energy of interns. This partnership has allowed candidates exposure to the moving parts of the UN system. With a stipend now in place to compensate interns, it continues to be a win-win. The evidence generated is wide-ranging. Data scientists, physicists and PPE graduates have supported the measurement of development policy services, contributing to the resilience response to the Syria Crisis and applied policy measures to strengthen partnerships in pursuit of the 2030 development agenda. In this decade of action with the setbacks of the global pandemic, remote working arrangements were initiated.

Liz Wharmby (St Cross, 2017)

Program Coordinator at Ashinaga

Ashinaga has been a long time partner with Oxford and the Oxford Internship Office and we were thrilled to host another intern from Oxford this summer. We are always impressed with the quality of work, attitude and new ideas Oxford students bring to Ashinaga, so much so that many Oxford interns at Ashinaga become staff after completing the internship. Ashinaga and our President, Yoshiomi Tamai, were also thrilled to be awarded a Gold Standard Internship Host award this year!

Please see this article on our website about this (written by our 2019 summer Oxford intern, Viola Fur!). We hope to be able to continue our relationship and host interns again in both Uganda and Japan in the future!  Thank you always for your support!

Vanessa Berlowitz (St John's, 1988)

Co-founder of Wildstar Films

The entire process went very smoothly, and resulted in us selecting an intern who has been an extremely positive addition to our company. It was a real pleasure for us to receive so much interest from students at all stages of their degrees, and to be presented with such a strong list of applicants. The flexibility shown by the intern and the Internship office in the light of Covid-19 restrictions was invaluable.

Mark Pragnell (Lincoln, 1991)

Founder of Pragmatix Advisory

Absolutely delighted with the number and quality of applications. The interns have made a real contribution to the team despite the problems of COVID-19.